HELP! How to concentrate 3 POUNDS of very low-potency weed

I have a friend that makes moonshine and he took 20 cases of outdated beer from a bar that was going out of business and distilled into 190 proof just to see if it can be done. And it worked. So get the source turbo and use it to distill 110 proof to 190 proof and you’re all set. Seems a little extra work but is a workable solution. P.s. there is a wine from chile called a carmenere by casillero del Diablo that i absolutely love and buy it whenever our distributor gets some in. My wife and I have discussed going there to visit the winery.


If you do this of course you will have to get more than a quart of 110 proof. It might also be worthwhile if you do this (it ought to work) to get a hydrometer:


im glued on this thread the outcome is like a 4 part episode of macguyver!


I’m striking out so far on Source Turbo. Called several times and it says their voicemail has been disconnected. Sent several e-mails with no reply. So I can’t tell whether they are shut down/out of business due to the pandemic, or if they are just ignoring me because I told them I’m in S. America and they don’t ship here.

The Source Turbo plan seemed to make perfect sense, but I can’t seem to get my hands on one. A couple of more questions:

  1. If I can’t get ahold of a Source Turbo, should I consider some different extraction method? Remember, I don’t drink alcohol so a drinkable alcoholic tincture is not a viable product form for me.

  2. Anybody got a source turbo in good working condition they want to sell and are willing to ship internationally?


It’s against the forum rules to exchange contact info.

Maybe you have an IRL friend in the states who can buy one and send it to you.

Oops! Thanks for setting me straight.

I’ll look for where to find a source turbo off-forum. For people here, any ideas on other options I should consider? Finding a source turbo and having it shipped to me is a longshot, frankly.

What would help most is a link to a document or video comparing and contrasting all the various extraction methods. What I really need is to see what equipment and supplies would be needed, and whether I can get them here, then whether the process itself won’t cause a smell that gets me thrown out of the building.

For example I’m starting to think I should investigate bubble hash. I don’t know much about it but I think the only equipment needed is the screen-filter bags I could buy online and have shipped to me, plus a lot of ice and a lot of filtration steps. I liked the source turbo plan better but I can’t get one and I know I could get the bags shipped to me.

What other extraction processes don’t require as much equipment to perform? The butane thing scares me. Sounds like a good way to go full Richard Pryor. What other options could work from this location?

Thanks gang!!!

Look on Amazon at any of the electronic distillers same result way cheaper

Sounds like a great idea, but I don’t think it’s really “same thing”. The source turbo makes a big point about the supposedly profound advantages of low-temperature evaporation. It’s designed to evaporate off the alcohol WITHOUT heating the cannabinoids too much.

Seems to me that that WATER distilling machines on amazon designed to produce pure distilled water from tap water would not be helpful. Presumably they are designed to heat to sufficient temps to boil WATER so you can get distilled water as a product.

There are also some alcohol moonshine stills on amazon, but they are all designed to make the alcohol the output product and the source from which the alcohol evaporates is the waste product. This is backwards from that. The product part you keep (hash oil) is the part that’s left over after the alcohol is gone. The alcohol stills I see on amazon are not well suited to boiling the source down to a small concentrated quantity.

Any brand names of suitable replacement products for source turbo would be helpful!

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I suppose something like this still could be repurposed to replace the source turbo. Use low heat to keep from cooking the canabinoids, and just reduce it all down. You’d have to scrape the good stuff off the large surface area of the 1-gal pot as opposed to the purpose-built cone-shaped collection vessel on the source turbo.

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I was looking at this. Its for alcahol and the temperature is controllable. Isn’t the idea to extract the canabinoids and recover the alcohol? This seems to do it it leaves the extract in the container or crucible and condenses the alcahol back to the receptacle so can be repaired back onto the bottle. The distill temps are still way below any temp that would destroy terpenes and the alcohol actually gets closer to the 200 proof each time its ran through. Im not in any way trying to be argumentative. I’ve been very interested in the extraction process and maintaining terrine integrity as thats the whole purpose of the extraction. A close friend has been making whiskey for decades has looked at what im trying to achieve suggested this. So I’m going to try this and then going to look at using a small refrigerant recovery machine that will use vacuum instead of heat to evaporate the alcohol and condense it into an acceptable container. The source turbo uses the vaccine method to lower the oiling point of the alcohol to near room temp and that looks great. But looking at the temperatures that terpenes are damaged are still very high 300+ °f that’s still well below the temp of any distiller. If I’m wrong about the terpene temps please educate me as I’m wanting to learn all I can. This conversation is helpful to that end.

If this does basically the same thing I don’t mind some scraping or spatula work if it saves me 400 bucks. Thats almost the cost of another light.

*** UPDATE ***

The folks at ExtractCraft came thru afterall. We made a deal to send me a refurbished source turbo which they discounted to reflect no warranty, since they are understandably unable to warranty a product that was shipped internationally. It will take several weeks to get here, but it’s on the way.


Here’s the part I’m still not clear on. The goal is to vape with my Storz Bickel Mighty using the Storz Bickel dosing capsule system for liquids. The liquid dosing capsule contains a steel wool like material and presumably the theory of operation is the liquid coats the strands of steel wool and then evaporates as the warm air passes over it. (see photo in link)

So my question for @Myfriendis410 @AAA and others who have done this before: If the dosing capsules are the target product, what if anything should be mixed in with the QWET tincture in order to produce a liquid suitable for use with the capsules?

Add a little coconut oil to the tincture to receive the cannabinoids after the ETOH is gone? A different kind of oil? No additive at all and just reduce the tincture down until it gets viscous enough on its own to stick to the inside of the capsule material?

Thanks gang!!!

This! It will basically be dabs

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I don’t vape so not clear on what is needed to put together good carts. If possible I would try to research through their website (extractcraftlab dot com IIRC) and can pose the Q’s there. I do know a lot of them thin their oil with commercially produced terpenes.

That’s great news on the Source shipping to you in South America! Now all you need to do is find some 190 proof spirits.

Don’t need any grain alcohol. Already found 192 proof distilled ETOH sold specifically for extraction of essential oils. There’s a link in the other thread but you can imagine it. I got 4L (1 gallon) of pure ETOH and I’m assuming I’ll recover 80% of the ETOH on each run, so I could do a hundred or more runs of 300ml each before running out of my gallon of alcohol.

Also ordered the liquid drop dosing capsules from Storz & Bickel’s website. This is going to be the most work and money ever exerted to get a useful amount of THC out of junk weed!

Cheers, Pat


That is grain alcohol.


Of course you’re right. But here in Chile, what made it possible to buy it was the clear labeling (in Spanish) saying it’s NOT Grain Alcohol, which is illegal here.

So it’s distilled ETOH sold explicitly as an industrial chemical for the purpose of extraction. Any similarity to drinking alcohol has to be “managed” to keep the bureaucrats at bay.

Thanks again!


im eagerly awaiting resolution …what was the outcome??

Unfortunately, the only “outcome” is that nothing in So. America EVER happens on time or as originally agreed. Dylan at ExtractCraft shipped out my Source Turbo almost a month ago, it arrived in Chile over a week ago, and it’s still not showing up in the Chilean tracking system! That means they may have already lost it. Shit happens down here. You guys have no idea how different living in the 3rd world is if you grew up in USA or another major economy.

So I continue to hurry up and wait.


man im sorry things arent running smooth for ya, that sucks …yah we all spoiled fat kids here in the states, i know people that have a meltdown if amazon prime same day 2 hr delivery is late