Help! How can things go wrong this early?

I just noticed that the second small leaf has a dead tip. Can anybody tell me what is wrong.

It has never been given any nutes, just PHd (6.5) water.

This early it’s hard telling, but the soil looks a little damp. It’s possible you’ve over watered.

That could be, but it has only been watered once since it came up. The soil was pretty moist during germination, so it didn’t seem to need water. When I did water, it was not looking water deprived at all. And, while the soil looks moist, it is actually dry on the surface and not too moist down at least 4" to 6".

I should mention that when I watered, my other plant showed signs of over watering (leaves drooped a bit). It seems to be doing very well. When that happened, I measured the moisture and discovered it is very moist at the bottom of the pot. So, I took a piece of 1/2" copper water pipe and made a number of holes into the soil to help dry the bottom, which seems to be working. I did the same thing in the other two pots (which includes this one) even though nothing seemed to be wrong at the time.

Side note - live and learn. I would never plant directly into a big pot again. Now, if flushing is needed It will be very hard to do because it will drown the plant. It also means I cannot measure run-off.

@Medforme now you know why a 3" pot is a good idea.

If you aren’t already, you should be watering with a spray bottle and just misting the plant a couple of times per day. I bought a solvent squeeze bottle which is perfect.

Also the tip burn you see could be the result of a bit of moisture on the tip lensing under the light, the new growth being sensitive to the light etc but whatever it’s not bad at all.


@Myfriendis410 I hadn’t thought about the water on the tip, but that makes sense, particularly since I added the second light recently.

By the way, I do have and did use a spray bottle on the mist end when I did water (only once since they popped) and I didn’t use a lot. However, the soil was likely too moist at the start.

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