HELP! How can I save my WW ladies!?!?

My poor babies took a turn for the worst when we accidentally watered them with a nutes solution instead of our regular water. I tried to flush them but now they look like this. How can I save them? Should I transplant them into new soil and hope they make it??

What is the strain and type:
AutoFlower White Wido

Indoor or Outdoor?

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)?
Closet, average size

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used? System type?
Soil, FoxFarm Potting Soil

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone/reservoir/run-off) and of the water and/or nutrient mix that is fed to the plant?
PH of soil is 7
Ph of Water is 6.5

Type and strength of nutrients used?
NO NUTES up until the other day when they were given a dose of Fox Farm 6-4-4, Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer and CalMg

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?
Around 65 degrees all the time.

Humidity %? Day vs. night

2000W LED Light kept 30" from top of plants

I do hydro, but I do believe I would report them. What do you think @garrigan62

That’s what I did on my 3erd attempt they did not recover

With an auto that far gone IMO I’d just start over sorry to see that good luck and happy growing!!


Looks like nute burn. Flush them. I don’t use the FF grow big unless in the ground. With an auto I just use ph’ d water until she starts to show. Then with the tiger bloom and big bloom.

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To Answer your question though. I would just watch them. Trim them and top it. It’s a weed and wants to grow


Make sure you flush with water 2x the volume of the pot. If she’s green there’s still hope.


Stop misting them. It’s likely to cause some burning, and possible mold down the road.
65f is a bit cold for growing, try to at least get to the lower 70s during lights on.

Those little ladies are nuked.

What are your runnoff ppms?


With a photo period there is still hope but an auto flower you might save her but doubt she will make anything worth saving just my opinion anyway!!

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Still worth trying. Nothing to lose but water at this point. I’ve had some pretty nasty plants rise from the dead.


After the flush, I wouldn’t touch that plant again until the soil is 100% dry.

If you can raise that light to 60" I would do it also. The closer it is, the more that plant will try and photosynthesize and draw up more nutes.

Easy does it on everything at this point in the grow…lights, nutes, water, etc.


Let it grow if it will. Like others have said, there’s nothing to lose. Nobody can tell you when an auto flower will bud so you might end up recovering good enough to grow a decent amount of smoke. You are only out a little water time and space. I would definitely get me something else growing just in case though. You don’t want to pin your hopes on getting any serious amount of smoke out of her. Just my humble opinion

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I had this and @WickedAle said let it grow.

I did just that and now she looks like this. The fat girl on the right. Jack Herer auto.


Thanks everyone! I flushed the one that looked the worst and am letting the other one go and grow to see what happens. We have started 2 other seedlings already to replace these in the event they don’t make it. They just sprouted today. Putting the nute solution FAR away. When these die I assume I should throw this dirt since its laced with so much nutrients? Start with fresh stuff…

Do you have plants you’re using the nute solution on?

We had mixed it to check the PH level of the solution for when we start using it. We don’t have any plants currently using it. Complete mistake on my part and the plants suffered for it :frowning:

Yes that would have been done already…so hurry and get then into new soil a s a p


We were able to save one of our WW ladies. Flushed out both of them and one is still growing strong. She is very bushy, do I need to trim or is this normal?

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