Help how bad is this

So ive noticed some discoloration on a few leaves very few but dont know if i need to do anything.

She growing in ff ocean forest. Idk what week of flower. Was a bag seed which is an auto. Im guessing week 5
50 to 55 degrees f
45 to 50% humidity
Ff tiger blood nutes
Ph was 6.7

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Hard to tell really but kinda seems a but heavy on nitrogen to start. Maybe check your run off , ppm may be too high. Maybe easy back on the nutes a bit

Also whats your light timing?

20 and 4

Ok yea i stopped giving other nutes just the tiger bloom. Ill run with just plain water and see

The yellow spots is what i was talking about. Thought it was a deficiency. Didnt want to try to add more before knowing.

From my experience they need more sleep time because it can take upto 2 hours for them to go into i think its called photosynthesis 2 or “fall asleep” i notices when i started giving my zkittles autos 8 hrs of sleep, the actually got taller and frostier. You should check out a show on youtube called the dude grow show AKA wake and bake america. They have a crap ton of info about growing.

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I just posted this yesterday but its my girls a week or so ago

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Ok ill try. This is my first time and im loving it. Kinda started a veg garden bc of pandemic and then figured why not. I never knew about autos and photoperiods. Have def learned a lot. Anyway… Sorry adhd… Saw a bunch of ppl say more light the better fpr autos. They were on 18 and 6 until i was sure they were autos. I will def check out the channel tho. Thank you

Yeah i did the same, ran 20/4, tent was in the 90s and 100s, some said they would be fine but mine didnt like it, i wondered why they weren’t growing much lol. Went to 18/6 for a bit but when i started gettin alot of 3 leaves, i went to 16/8 because i heard a few things about the lights or the genetics causing this, well i can control the light, not the genetics sooo. Most of us here are barely learning also, and we all try to help eachother out, even tho we give eachother a hard time sometimes. Your gonna like this forum👍


I agree tiger blooms NPK is 2-8-4. Do you have big bloom?maybe less tiger bloom a dose of big bloom? .01-.3-.7

To much nitrogen can lead to (lock out) of other nutrients like potassium and calcium. I believe the yellow spots are calcium deficiency caused by to much nitrogen.

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I did 3T in a gallon. So just 1T per gallon? Or just water?