Help her! Please


Is my plant dead!? I transplanted today incorrectly - lost some root mass & she displayed almost instant wilting.

I’ve obviously stressed my plant. Has anyone had any experience with my situation. Has your plant bounced back from something like this? She is looking done for! Please let me know if you have any advise & if you think I can save this plant.

Thanks heaps!


She looks dry when did you water last?


A few days ago @Soilgrowth & tonight


As I thought that may have been the case


Put like 2 gallons in now no nutes. Just ph balance.


Cover with any kind of a dome bag or cover some shock is normal but if she wilts that hard may have burnt and damaged roots she needs to stay moist while recovering


Also, I suggest having your soil level much closer to the top on the smart pot. I leave about an inch of fabric above the soil level in mine.


I just went with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. Should be okay, right?

Thanks for the advise, guys.


That’ll do, but a clear one would let a lot more light through. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also leave an inch or so, and like to fold it down so my soil is level with it. I’ll flip it up when I water as I am messy though.
@Thirty1O96, I ripped some serious rootage off my first girl, and she pulled through just fine. All you can do is wait. Keeping fingers crossed.


@Tr33 how long did it take your plant to bouce back?


Last spring a wagon i was pulling to my guerrila grow site way over packed with plants ready to be planted flipped down a steep creek bank. . Everyone looked that bad, and survived, but the plants that fell went 2-3 wks longer then the others.
.Great white or, sl100, are both things i use but i hear clonex solution works good too, but after a hard transplant be sure to keep soil and roots moist first week or so. And keep humidity high as possible. Ur bag set up will work,but clear is better bc more light.Also make sure u open the bag to light freshair in bringing co2 with it. And i like to spray the leaves for first day or 2 after i transplant if possible, dont do this too many days or the plant will take water threw the leaves and not work to establish roots again, but a day or 2 helps alot. Any more questions feel free to tag me. Be patient and give her lots of love she should make it


Thanks @Familyman420


It took it about a week before I saw perk up, but then she did better every day. Like was already said, if you have a clear plastic you could use to let light in would be a bit better. I am “rooting” for you. :sunglasses:


Changed to a clear plastic bag, and waiting patiently - She’ll pull through! Lesson learnt :laughing: