Help help what’s wrong

What’s going on with my baby. Looks like I am having issues with two the on above then the one below


It’s normal for lower leaves to yellow and fall off as the plant matures. I wouldn’t worry about it unless it isn’t isolated to the lower leaves.


How much are you watering? I would let them dry out and give them a good feed. Looks like too much water but I’m a newby.

They get watered daily like I water all my other plants

The one on top has never looked good but the bottom one always did

Here’s a picture of other garden plants

Should I take those leaves off then

Cannabis likes a wet/dry cycle. I usually water every 3 or 4 days. Depending on the conditions.

Those yellow leaves can be taking off.

You are most likely over watering. You should switch to a diff cycle. I typically pick up the pot after watering and you can feel the weight. Give it 3/4 days and you will fee the difference. Let it completely try out.

I would be more concerned with the leaves above with the white spots and specs as well as the others that look covered in tiny white/silver specs. Sometimes you’ll see that with PH fluctuations, which is what I assumed on my current indoor run. I couldn’t have been More mistaken! It was thrips, a nasty little insect that will suck the life out of your plants and if not treated ruin them. I’m battling them now with Captain Jacks dead bug and a neem oil and soap solution, plus a butt load of lady bugs. @MeEasy @Mark0427 @Covertgrower are the resident experts and can better diagnose if thrips could be a possibility :love_you_gesture:


Ur gonna wanna get a mold protection going on. I see wpm on leaves and that stuff spreads fast. All the white stuff to me looks like wpm. So far athena mold and mildew works well. But its gonna most likely be around the entire grow. Sorry to see this as it does suck. Need some serious airflow around the plant. Is it surrounded without breeze


I was thinking white powdery mildew…

Definitely looks like some WPM. I would spray with a peroxide 1 cup to 1 gallon. I would remove the affected leaves.