Help help what buds are turning very dark

Hey I have these plants that are just a few weeks away from harvest and my son-in-law sent me these We have had a lot of rain for a few days.

What shall I do

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It’s looking healthy just wait couple more weeks or check trichomes 2 c where she’s at. Shake all the water away 2 prevent mold

Edit. Cut the mold part n trash it

That looks like bud rot, looks pretty early on you should be able to save a lot of it… I hope I’m wrong

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Bud rot. Cut off affected area. Put organic honey or aloe on the cut. Mist with a 50/50 solution of peroxide and water to avoid spreading.


Make sure you don’t spread it to other parts of the plant or other plants scissors and your fingers will spread it.
@Borderryan22 has it right honey or aloe on any wounds after clipping and spraying with 50-50 water/peroxide