Help help now what’s wrong

I have these two in flowering mood since 1/24/21 and now some of the leaves are looking bad

I have no idea what type of plants grow room is at 85 degrees now in day and 70 at night. Soil is organic ph level is 6.5 I have not tested for anything else. I am now only watering them with plain water that has been setting out for 24 hrs. I am only watering them when my soil test in the normal and dry stage

Pictures below are the leaves

Also here is a picture of one of the buds on my smaller plant

Any help or advice you can give me.

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Here’s the picture of the bud

Can you see spider webs on the buds? Spider mites may be one issue there.

Looks all like bug damage. A lot of bugs.


@Hellraiser @Covertgrower :thinking:?

Yes I have seen that before and I have sprayed with an organic killer that I use all the time on my vegetables

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What am I to do then. This is so hard

The buds don’t look far off at all. Will just need to let them finish and you’ll want to bud wash to get all the bugs and bug debris off of the buds.


Okay how do I do that do I wash after I harvest before I hang to dry

No idea.

Correct, as you cut them down. Wash them in a peroxide/water mix.


Yeah looks like bug damage, definitely do the bud wash.

I just went to check on my girls this afternoon and I noticed the webs are back again. They weren’t there yesterday. I have sprayed again just now. Do you think it’s time fit me to harvest and see what I can do next time. It’s so hard

Wow, that’s an infestation. You will definitely want to bud wash that. I’d grab some captain Jack’s dead bug for a preventative measure for next grow because they’ll be back.