Help. plant is changing. It's looking different now

My plant was going good. I topped it and started giving it some fox farm chemicals. Not much at all. Ph run off water is almost 6.8.
Does anyone ever any ideas what I should do to fix it

I don’t check run off as my plants are happy. But having a 6.8 pH seems way to high for run off.

We will need more information thus a Support ticket filled out is crucial.

Support ticket


looks overwatered, droopy


Agreed looks over watered

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I agree over watered

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What was the ph going in?

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Run off is useful to give ya an idea of ph but not really very reliable. I still do it cuz its quick and easy but unless it’s some crazy low number I just make mental note of it and roll on…
If plant looks happy I definitely don’t do anything…

Some times plants get all sad looking after a good watering… if she’s still like this in the AM then may be some reason fir concern…

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I only give it 3 to 4 bottles every 3 days . Do u think it could be under water. I dont even get much run off water. Tbh.

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Last time I checked it was about 7. I think. I will check next time I water

Or . I didnt think that was 2 much water. But who knows. Mabye back off a little

I was thinking about using that cal-mag cuz of them yellowing spots [ just a really little tint]. Does anyone else think I should use that as well?

unfortunately the symptoms of overwatering and underwatering are pretty similar. i can’t tell if that’s enough water or too much. but your soil should be dry when you water. tagging along. she looks decently healthy otherwise.

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Overwatering is not related to the amount of water you give. Overwatering occurs if the soil doesn’t dry-cycle.


They seem to be over watered i think and u mite qant to give abit of cal/mag

Its starting to look a little bit better now… I been waiting a little longer in between to water and I gave it cal/mag plus

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I agree too much water has them drooping. IMO droop down too much and tips up not enough water. Good call on a little cal-mag. Kinda looks like a little calcium deficiency but could be nitrogen. Water less and find her sweet spot for watering… every two days should be fine. After that she will love you. Other than that she looks sweet.