Help help help! Light kept on

Guys I’m so mad right now. I walked down into my room to find my lights were still on 3 hours after they should have been off…wtf am I gonna do now I’m panicking

Are you in veg or flower?

Is it an auto flower? If so you should be ok

I’m familiar with photos and I know they are sensitive to that kind of thing but I hate to think that one slip up will send it into herm

Bottom line is it’s already done… find out why it happened, correct the issue so it doesn’t happen again and hope for the best while keeping your eyes peeled for herm

I’m in pre flower

No it’s not an auto it’s just a feminized seed. Went to go check this morning and saw it was still on. I don’t know now whether to continue the same light cycle from the same time or adjust it to the 12/12 from the time I shut it off this morning

Probably less stress to adjust the schedule to new time if it’s not too inconvenient to you IMO and it’s only that, just an opinion

Yea I want to keep it in as less stress as possible I don’t even know what to say right now tbh can’t believe it happened

If you where still running 18/6 you are fine to keep the plants in dark till you want the lights to come back on so if you plan to switch to 12/12 just leave the lights off and make sure they come on for the new cycle

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They will be just fine, don’t stress!!

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Nah I was in a 12/12 for about a week now and was already starting to see some leaves coming in that were looking very promising

You sure? I had them on a 12/12 in dark from 7am - 7pm and they were still on around 930. Should I keep it at that time or adjust it? I’m leaning more towards leaving it but this is my first grow so idk what to do

Just double ck your timers are set and working correctly. I’ve had so many failed cheap timers. Lights stayed on to long or didn’t come on at all or I flipped the override switch and didn’t flip it back. That’s the bad one.
I think you will be just fine with only a coup!e of hrs over.

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I would just leave lights off the plants will be fine with a extend dark period the extra light can confuse them but dark wont just leave them off till tomorrow at 7am when you want the light to come back on just double check your timmer or make sure to be awake to check on them


How many days did this happen?

If it’s just a one-time event than no harm done, just get back on schedule and figure out what’s up with your timer.


I believe just the one for sure

Already went and ordered a digital timer I think what happened was I was moving some wires around and in doing so the timing button got fucked up

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This is probably just me…but I’ve had more trouble with digital timers then I have had with the o!d school manual ones.

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Guess we will find out lol

This is her at the moment. Lights are on she’s out of the dark after being in it for 12 hrs. Everything looks okay…