Help heat light stress?

I’m not sure what’s going on maybe heat or light stress or under watering can I get your opinions please it was hot the last couple days close to 82 84 degrees so I bought ac drop temps today to 72 to 74 as well

Nothing wrong with those temps. I’d nix that ac.

Why do my leaves and plants look that this the yellowing and leaves splitting kinda started couple days ago before this so thought it was to hot

Ive dealt with the same issue with my plants leaves tearing on their own it seems. Once during early veg, my temps went to 83f from usually kept at 78, i think it was rather quickly for short amount of time before i caught it ( an hour or less if i remember correctly), due to my adding a new powerful LED light and i swear thats when i noticed the issue start. I thought it was from my pipe cleaner wire tips that I used for LST, until I read your story. Have you switched up your lighting recently? What genetics are yours if I may ask? My plants havent seemed fazed by it though.

I’m new so my lights first time I use I’ve be slowly rasing it from 75 percent dimmed to 100 today so the intensity has went up the right side is girl scout cookie extreme and the left is chocolope