Help Having issues with out door grow

My leaves are browning and curling on my gold leaf plants. The weather here has been 100+ for the last several weeks. The leaves on these 2 keep yellowing and curling I have dusted them with 7 dust thinking insects were the issue. I have several Auto flower, and some 2 younger goldleaf that seam to be fine. I have been feeding with the ILGM fe



Welcome to the community neighbor! I’m just northeast up the coast outta Htown, right on the bay. The heat has been something awful this year. For the most part, they can handle it. Leaves curling up is normal from it, and really, the only thing to do against is to somehow provide partial coverage. Buds may get a little airy. The lower leaves will start to die off naturally so you can pull them or just let them fall off.

One thing to be watchful for, and it may not be too much of an issue in-ground, is VPD. Vapor Pressure Deficit. Basically the plants sweating. If it is too dry and hot, the roots may not take up water and nutes as fast as they are being used up topside, resulting in deficiencies. Buuuut, and this is fun, because of this, toxicities can present themselves as deficiencies. They will usually be noticable on the more exposed, upper areas. Just a heads-up.

I highly suggest against using 7dust actually on the plants, more specifically the ones in flower. Especially if it’s to be smoked. The soil, go for it, but the plants, not sure if I’d apply it directly to them. That being said, Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice Concentrate mixed at 1.5x strength is great against pests and can be sprayed directly on buds up until harvest, and will rinse away with a bud wash.

Your plants look really good overall from the pics, except the mangled leaves in the second pic. 7dust on the soil, Captain Jack’s on the plants. Bud wash after you chop them. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Thank you for your reply very helpful. I am west of H-town, figured the heat was a major issue, I have been using an umbrella shade to try and shade afternoon heat. I seven dusted prior to bloom, I figured it would be ok since it said you could use on Vegetables, will probably switch to Captain Jack’s.

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Sorry just a Google screenshot…

It’d probably take a couple days to rig it all up, for a large garden, but maybe something like this with a plant cover cloth…

You can get 2-10ft sticks of ½" cpvc and glue them together. Jam one end in a tight 6" hole. Bend it over and cram the other end in a 6” hole. Do that a few times over each section and lay a cloth that you can roll and unroll. Get a third stick if you expect your plants to get over 10ft and make taller arches.

You really have a nice looking garden

Thank you for the idea, and the complement on the garden it is a work in progress. First Year.