Hey all the GROWMIES. Ive been real bisyvwith outdoor that I neglected my indoor I had to up pot from my 3-gallon Fabrics that were in Fox Farm ocean Forest so I had for plants all gelato so three of them made it into the fox farm and one of them did not and it change colors on with my same feeding recipe recipe I’ve used oceancare multiple times but never had issues but I was just curious if you guys think that it was from the transfer into the new soil and if I should transferred back into foxfarm cuz I should just run up to the store not too far pretty sure I pinpointed it but just to cover ideas and how many guys would help thank you. It’s been 3 weeks and I see new age music except getting more yellow taking the fertilizer with a slow-release in the nature care any thoughts

Here the four other gelatos that I did not pot up so to lack of proper soil

Two on left stay in ocean care just to see if I can adjust and other two in ffof. Not my first rodeo but help is always good

light ate at 28 inches above ph 6.5 ppm 450 ec 1. It gotta be a Shitty mix os soil form.nature care.

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