Help! Growing in my closet

Hey guys it’s been awhile since I have been on here so I hope everyone’s well and growing big buds! By no means am I a beginner just having a well stoner moment and I have some questions! …growing 10 blueberry gum from clones…space it 8 x 8 , i have had great results the past 2 years in soil in 5 galon buckets 600w hps,…buuuut the whole watering of the pots especially when there mature and fully flowering is a royal pain in the arse to deal with …anyways here’s what I want to do, build a raised flower bed , line it very well then filler her up and put 6 plants in it? Anyone ever put a raised flower bed in there house lol then I can just go in and maintain so much easier? Thoughts?

Can be done.

Main concern what’s the floor made out of?

Concrete ? Go for it

Carpet/ wood? A lot of prep and water sealing before hand

Easiest method for what your going for, AUTOPOTS!

I’ve seen a raised bed in someone home before. Works well if you want to go with living soil.