Help! Gorilla Glue autos going downhill fast!

I am just ending week 5 with my ILGM Gorilla Glue autos and some not great things are happening. This is my first grow so mistakes have been made here and there, but I need help with what I believe is a CalMag deficiency: rust spots, thin leaves on new growth, intervenal yellowing. I’ve tried using SensiCal but the plants have yet to improve. I tried adding epsom salts yesterday but the symptoms seem to be slowly progressing. I’m using coco coir with about 20% worm castings and I used dry amendments from Down to Earth for my nutrients: vegetable garden 4-4-4 from planting, then in week 3 used Azomite and Bone Meal 3-15-0. Soil pH is around 6.2, but consistently between 6 and 6.5. I also made a compost tea a few weeks ago and getting ready to do another this time with worm castings and fish fertilizer. Temps and humidity have been consistent at 74f and 50% RH in grow tent. I’m getting closer to harvest in the next couple weeks and I’m worried about yield already. Please help!


Welcome to the forum and sorry for your difficulties.
You would do well to remove the damaged leaves. That will make it easier to see if problem is progressing or not. The already damaged leaves will not improve and will likely degrade even further regardless of intervention.
@PurpNGold74 @yoshi @AfgVet @Myfriendis410 ideas?


Fill out the questions below to help us help you,

Strain; Type:

Grow medium:

PH In/Out:

PH of runoff:

What is strength of nutrient mix:

Indoor or Outdoor:

Temps; Day/ night:

Humidity Day/night:

Ventilation system:

AC room:



Coppy and paste your answers the best you can.

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Since coco is a hydro media I think your pH is high causing lockout. Luckily coco is “an easy reset”. I haven’t used it, so no practical experience here. Homegrown has you solid for tags though. Good luck


Thank you for responding! Here is the info:

Strain; Type: ILGM Gorilla Glue; Auto

Grow medium: 70% Coco, 15% worm casting, 15% vermiculite

PH In/Out: Water with 6.3, soil tests at 6.2

PH of runoff: 6.2

What is strength of nutrient mix: 4-4-4 at planting, added 3-15-0 after week 3

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Temps; Day/ night: 76 day/ 69 night

Humidity Day/night: 50% day/ 60% night (in process of getting dehumidifier)

Ventilation system: 6" inline exhaust, multiple fans circulating air

AC room: temp set to 70F in the room (plants are in tent)

De-humidifier: set to 45% in the room (plants are in tent)

Co2: approx 600


I would try to get the ph of the coco down just a bit. You can run coco between 5.8-6.2. I would try getting to 5.8-5.9 for a few watering sandwiches see how she does. Since you’re feeding her cal/mag she may be locking it out with the higher ph


Thank you for responding so quickly. pH has had me worried this entire grow, to the point where I spent the extra money on a Blue Labs pH Pen instead of my cheap one. Soil is consistently between 6-6.5 which is what is really confusing me. I just tested the runoff and it is almost exactly what I put in, 6.3. My other concern is that there are 5 other plants in this grow and they are beginning to show the smaller leaves on new growth, and the lightening of the upper growth (I think it’s called interveinal chlorosis but not sure, I can see the veins are still green but the rest of the leaf is a lighter green).


Ok, I will try that now. Thank you!


Just don’t panic. Take your time and let the veterans here help. Keep it up


I appreciate the support. I’m hoping my yield won’t be affected too much by this. I’m going to lower the pH and hope for the best. Any idea on when I should start to see signs of recovery after I lower the ph?


The damaged leaves won’t recover. Best to just remove them and watch to see if the issue continues


In flower you kinda won’t. You typically look to new growth. So you’ll be on the lookout that the problem isn’t continuing to spread.


Thank you, I feel much better now that I have a plan lol


Absolutely! This is the course of action id take! Thanks for the tag @HMGRWN

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Guys i need help with my auto white widdow. I have tried every lighting 12 12 18/4
and they are still growing flowers just green lush flowers but no buds please help me

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She’s not flowering yet. At least not by these last couple pictures. If she’s auto she’ll do it on her own terms generally. If it’s a photo you’ll need to change your lights to 12/12

Try to grab a couple nice shots of the tops and the spots on the main stalk where her sex glands are

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Wschumacher917, welcome to the forum and the community. Yeah it’s not good having difficulties in your grow I know I have experience them myself and I’m old-school but growing in a tent and DWC for me for the first time issues arise. Since I’ve never grown in cocoa and I don’t use Cal Mag, The only thing I can provide is a picture I hope this helps you.

Williamlynch167, welcome to the community, also welcome to the forum. Since you’re growing auto’s They’re finicky man they pick their own time when they wanna flower, so set your timer at 12:12 and be patient sure flower when she’s ready. Have you gave the plant any bloom nutrients, adding with hour feed cycle