Help.. gorilla glue autos day 64

Hello folks I’m having an issue with my indoor gorilla glue autos I have 2 going an they are about 1.5 weeks apart in age the oldest being 64 days from sprout the issue started about a week ago the medium is peat moss coccoir an perilite and nutes used are fox farm trio lights on 18/6 it just seems like it slowed growth an then I noticed the color issues on some of the older leaves under the buds and only those leaves have red/purple stems ? Any help would be greatly appreciated also ph going in is 6.2-6.4 and pretty much the same coming out and nutes are 985 going in and about 585-680 coming out
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You have wait long for your pictures to up load

I guess that’s the issue

Ok now take the pictures in natural light the burpurle makes it hard to see the problems I know I’m a pain in the butt


Yes you are!!
Lol just kidding @dirtydave
But yes. Natural light will help with your problem

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Any leaf color change? Yellow? If purple stems stress it not. Happens on all of my gg. Sometimes stripes. Sometimes solid. All my gg have been ph sensitive. Brats about it.

You need to take pics with out ur light on its to hard to see what u need help with

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Oh ok. I’m gonna say cal-mag. Im probably wrong cuz I’m still pretty new to growing but that’s what I’m thinking. I mean u need cal-mag. Calcium magnesium deficiency

I agree with @JiggaMan1987 calcium and magnesium def nwed cal mag

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