Help! Gold Leaf isn't doing too hot

I need your help fellow growers, my gold leaf is showing some signs but I’m not sure of what.
The leaves:
-small brown spots/ holes
-clawed/ upside down canoeing
-bright green new growth
-rubbery look

Please help!

Ive had similar issue’s when i started. And that was due to me not ph ing my water.

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Hello there my friend.
I want to help you out but can you get better pic’s by Turing that light off and I using regular ligjting
Cause I can’t tell with what your showing…


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Sure thing! Here ya go!

What changed what did you do different what did you feed them or do in the last 3 or 4 days? I can’t really see the pictures that great

Nothing changed that comes to mind, I use:

-Flower Power series sold on this site (currently using grow fertilizer)
-Adv. Nutes- Mother Earth Organic tea
-Adv. Nutes- Nirvana
-Cal-Mag (since I use RO)

It is usually Ph’d at 6.1, this weeks EC- 1.5

I also alternate betweeen spraying the girls with RO water and Nirvana every couple of days.

I think I noticed the problem after I did a preventative bug treatment using Bergman’s bug blaster. Followed directions to the T. Now I think the problem progresses evertime I do a foliage spray (RO or Nirvana).

I think you might want invite in some moderators because they’re probably going to be more familiar with this company’s products than most

  • best of luck

I started noticing some necrosis on my plants that was do to over-spraying but I was going overboard on it with a new product and plants didn’t respond well at all. It may have something to do with your problem. There may be a nute issue as well due to them looking waxy. Dial back on the new things you brought into the process and evaluate.

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How do I go about doing that?

Under topic controls click invite and then fill in one of the moderators names, they’re the ones with the ilgm logo on their names

I’ll invite one who has a good eye I think can help you

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First…Welcome to ILGM

Sorry I’m late getting back. Here is a oic and what I believe your problem is…

Your pic’s and my pic look exactly alike
An over watered cannabis plant will have leaves that are full of water, so the leaves will be firm to the touch and generally curling down (even from the stem of the leaf) almost as if it has too much water weight to hold the leaf out straight.

An under watered cannabis plant will have leaves that are brittle, limp, and lifeless. The leaves will seem to be drooping but won’t appear as rounded and full as an over watered cannabis plant.

Click for more pictures (and more info) for Over-Watered Cannabis and Under-Watered Cannabis

How often should I be watering my cannabis plants?

You will want to water your marijuana whenever the top of the growing medium starts feeling dry. You should stick your finger 1-2" into the soil. If things feel damp, you should wait to water again. If it’s dry then you know it’s time to feed your plant.

Learn everything you need to know about watering your plants!

This will start out with you watering your marijuana every couple of days when they’re seedlings, and may end up with you watering them once a day towards the end of the marijuana flowering cycle. You want to ensure that you have about 20-30% extra run-off water come out the bottom of the container every time you water your plants. The reason for this is that growing mediums such as soil and coco coir tend to form natural salts and concentrated pockets of nutrients (which can burn your plant) if it the fertilizers just sit in there and never get washed out. Making sure you keep adding water until you get run-off is also a great way to make sure that your marijuana plants are draining properly. If your marijuana shows signs of drooping, chances are you are over or under-watering. In order to prevent over or under-watering, make sure you water thoroughly every time, and wait to water again until the top inch of growing medium (soil, coco coir, soilless mix, etc) feels dry.

Hope this helps



Thanks Will, so this is more so a watering issue? I use fabric pots and have read that it’s really hard to overwater plants that are in fabric pots since they drain so well. I also tend to water the girls every two days or so.

Thank you sir!

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You very welcome my friend any time…just ask…OK


Hey Guys, so my Gold Leaf has shown some major changes in the last three days. Can anyone explain to me what’s going on? It looks like a magnesium deficiency but I’ve been using a boost for the last week and a half. The first pic was just from yesterday evening. The last two are from today…

I’d suggest you filled out a Support Ticket available on the main page to give people the information to help you best …and I would recommend you do it ASAP