Help getting started question

Got seeds in water. Two have cracked. Only been 24 hrs. When should I put them in dirt? When should I start to use my nutes? I have the the kit from ILGM. Should I start them on 18 on 6 off? Thanks for your help!!!

Welcome to the community I will start out by saying after being in the cup of water I like to go to the paper towel method. Place the seeds in between paper towel folded up keep damp clamshell between two saucers. After you get a nice tail Place seed in seedling friendly soil. Hope that helps. After seedlings Pop’s soil I like to use a dome over my seedlings mist inside the Dome couple times a day will help keep humidity high for seedlings.

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Welcome to the ILGM forum.

Looks like @kellydans has you well covered and will not steer you wrong.

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