HELP! Germination of Seeds - What am I Doing Wrong?

A picture won’t do any good. All you see in the pot is the soil I used. I try not to make the soil real wet it is damp when I touch it, but it doesn’t drip water and since the pot is very small at this stage there isn’t much to grab for soil. So I should use a paper towel even though the seed cracked along its seam, yes?

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Yes, i do.i let the root develope a bit.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that ILGM is a scam. I know it’s not. I just feel like maybe there is some critical info I am currently not privy to.

So, now my question is: will carefully removing the seeds from the soil and using the paper towel method harm the seeds at this stage? They did split/crack open, but that’s all they have done.

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@Sioux1055 They have these support tickets that help everyone get up to speed on your particulars. Let me see who we can get you connected to. @MidwestGuy @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32

This riddle will be unraveled

Support ticket…

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I wouldnt it may still surface but im thinking it was planted too early and or too much water.

So, I wait for a few more days to see what happens or do I just go ahead and do the paper towel thing? I really, really, really want some pot since my neighbor said he would give me stuff as long as we are both here, except he didn’t and I am tired of relying on someone else to keep their word. Easier if I just grow my own. :slight_smile:

What kind of soil are you planting the seeds in, how deep are you planting, and are you watering after planting?

I am using a seed starting soil mix. I planted them about 1/4" deep. I did water after planting and I check them several times a day to make sure the soil is still moist. If the top layer is dry I take my little tool and move the soil on one side near the edge of the pot to see if it is still damp underneath. If it isn’t I use the sprayer and wet the top layer, check underneath again and add more water if it looks dry.

I am thinking that although the guides are really good something about using the paper towel to grow the root after the seed shell splits might be something to add to one of the guides on growing the seed/seedling. Just a guess, but I think that may have unknowingly confused me about the germination. I still have another 8 seeds, but if I can avoid using them right now it would do me better later on.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide or do to make these grow.

@Sioux1055 self resiliency is a powerful thing.

Lay off the watering. A seedling has no roots to drink yet. It drinks thru its leaves untill it produces roots! Your soil shouldnt be moist but just damp at most. mho

Understood about the water. The thing is that the seed never sprouted. There are NO leaves for its respiration process. I am trying to get the seed to grow, but failing miserably. I think I am going to try that paper towel thing and see if the seed sprouts a root that I can then transplant into the soil.

Soil. I have two types, one is a seed starting mix and the other is the Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil or whatever it says on the bag. I also have 3 types of plant food one each for the NPK nutrients that will be needed later (also Fox Farm).

At this stage im still not “watering” but at best a drip or 2 off my finger. Mist the dome.

At this stage just a little water an ounce or 2 per warering approx.


Last try. You didnt let the tap root fully develope then you drowned her. Thats my thoughts.

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Cute plant. :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately, mine don’t even look like that. I’m sooo confused right now. Time to start over me thinks.

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Slow down, smoke a bowl. It happens to all of us at one time or a hundred. Do some reading on germination and relax, let the plant do its thing!


If buried already wait them out. If showed any tail at all and you planted then letem grow. Can take a bit. Just my thoughts. Every time you touchem you take a risk.

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Just as an aside. I personally do not do a paper towel. Water/peroxide and warm dark. As soon as they split and show a little tail i potem up somewhere. They take every time. This round 1 came up 2 days…other took 5.

They didn’t really have a tail based on the images on the site for that. The shell did split/crack so I thought I was good to go with the soil. Now everyone in here is telling me that may be use the paper towel to get the root to actually grow. What I did see when they split the seam is white inside that I can only assume is the beginning of the plant’s root system. I do know not to touch the seed whenever possible, but since they aren’t really doing anything anyway, I figured I would very carefully remove the seed from the soil and put it in a damp paper towel and place that inside a resealable baggie (ziploc or whatever) and wait that out to see if the root actually makes an appearance. Right now I do not know what else I can do (besides smoking some of the stuff my neighbor gave me :melting_face:

Anyway, I am going to just let them sit until tomorrow. Then I am going to do some deep dive research on getting this to work.

I WANT POT!!! :heart_eyes: