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Im in the process of building a grow room in the garage. I live in a state that gets hot and humid. Im currently growing in a 3x3 tent in the house. I run led and filtered exhaust I will not be running a closed system so…my question is how to get fresh air in and not raise temps to much. I will have dedicated portable cooling to the area. Can i build a small lung room with only ac in it with a intake vent to pull warm air from outside and then ducted to blow into the grow area?? Will the ac be able to cool the hot air effectively enough to cool the area.( since its not recycling cool air out of the grow area. The new room is 4x11x8 (with a small lung room built im only looking at keeping a 230cf area cooled) any advice would help. The production has stopped until i figure this little pickle out. Or should i just bite it, rework the design and go with a closed system and co2 generator??m. Ahhhhhhh, my little tent has been so easy but

You can recirculate air in adjacent space cooling it while blending some fresh air into it I do this to keep heat during winter but could be used to cool also :wink: Having faster circulation rate than intake rate AC should be able to keep up

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You just opened my eyes man. I will put a intake from the laundry room (on the other side of the back wall) and only pull from there and duct cold air from ac into grow area. The laundry is climate controled by the main house ac so its cool and has had a good amount of humidity already pulled out …and the laundry has air leaks from the outside door. I know pulling air from the house is not ideal but i think this is my best option. Thank you so much for the tip though. I was super stuck.


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