Help! Forgot scrog net!

My plants are at two weeks into flowering and I forgot my net. This is my first grow so no name calling please! The plants are leaning all over the place. I guess I’ll go buy some of them tomato wire hoop thingys and get my wife to help me pull out each plant try and support them that way. Anyone have any suggestions?

A ScrOG is a training method. Not all grows use them.

Instead of just propping them up, you’re going to want to work on strengthening your branches. If you’re having issues this early into bloom, by harvest the buds are going to need yo-yo’s.

Have any pics?


I’ll post pics tomorrow. Its 1 am here and I’m going to sleep.


I use these (hang them from the roof of your tent)

I have also fitted wire tomato plant supports late and I found I had to cut the smallest loop, bend it out so I could fit it to the plant then bend it back. A lot of messing around and risk of damage to the plants


And if you gotta hold it now and dont have a yo yo a piece of sting tied to the top of the tent and around the branch also works.

Ok thnks guys

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