Help for the rookie

Can anyone tell me what’s going on here… seedling…Temps stay between 68-76…humidity swing between 49-65… water is ph at 6.3…ocean forest medium…2x 1000w mars hydro and a 36x36 space…

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Looks ok to me…. Ph might be a little low, but all in all it looks ok. Maybe too much light, hence the taco-ing

What are your concerns?

One thing all rookie growers do is over water. Too much love, I get it, I’ve done it. But honestly she doesn’t look that bad.

Are you foliar feeding? If not, lose the spray bottle at this point

And by the way, welcome to the best growing forum around. We’re happy you’re here.

I also haven’t fed…2 weeks in…I just gave a 1/3 of foxfarm big bloom recommended to see if there was a positive response. The taco/canoe and a bit of the yellow streaking…

light distance??

17 inches…40% brightness

You are currently in a hot soil that will take you all the way to flower before needing to supplement. I know you are trying to help the plant but NO SUPPLEMENTS unless plant shows a deficiency. It actually slows the plant down.

You can help a bit by keeping a dome over the plant as much of it’s moisture is derived through the leaves until roots grow out enough to support the plant.

Also; a lot of activity is happening where you can’t see it and is pretty predictable plant will slow a bit about now.

Get yourself a decent TDS meter ahead of having to add supplements as you will need it. There are a bunch of folks here who can tune you up on how to add nutrients to your grow.

FYI you will likely need more light than what you have now: more like 300 to 450 plug watts, depending on the quality of the LED’s you run. Two more of those lights you have would do fine. You do not need nearly as much light in veg as you do in flower. I would have my plants under one light, turned down to under 50% and 16 to 18" away from plants.


I shouldnt be worried?

I have the vivosun tds ec meter…but I’m not too sure what I’m looking for…

Also have this going on…

Looks over watered, over fed, and over lighted. Don’t feed it anything. Like already mentioned, that soil has plenty of nutrients for a while. And once you transplant it, it won’t need anything for a while with the fresh soil.

3 gallon pot start to finish won’t work? Also…I germinated and then dropped the bean…when do I start counting weeks? From breaking ground? From the germ date?

That will be fine unless it’s a photoperiod. You might have said I only scanned this thread and I smoked while I was doing it.

After breaking ground for veg
After preflower for flowering

I recommend starting a journal. It’s easy to forget stuff, it’s nice to have a single thread to go back to, and it helps other people to navigate the same area’s you are now.
In the Journal, you should list your supplies, the nutes you plan to use, the light your using (not just watts but the make and model),soil, strain, equipment, EVErYThING! This is helpful for those you might ask for help, as well as if we notice your missing things you can be given a heads up, before you NEED it and don’t have it.
Get something to record what and when you do stuff. Always PH and TDS every liquid/Feed you put in and what comes out in runoff. Here is an example from my current Journal

Welcome to the community!