Help for my neighbor

My neighbor asked me to look at his plants and dang something is definitely wrong.

I can’t answer any technical questions because they are his but he has 220W of LEDs and “organic” soil.

What’s your guess because can’t get much info from him. Watering when pot gets light in weight. Feeding them a little

Here a picture.

The 2 on the right look hungry.


That’s what i thought except for the burn showing on the bottom

Need to top dress his soil the plants are hungry


Hangry! that might be cannibalization or PH on the crispies, prob cannibalization. No prob tho they’re gonna go anyway, fans.

Define “Organic Soil”, or did it say that on the bag, big diff.

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I agree they look hungry. it is only the bottom leaves that are burnt the soil might have started out hot but it appears to have used up all the nutes.

The yellowing on the bottom is likely because what little nutes are force to the top.

I agree with @MidwestGuy, they look hungry. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I’ll let him know to double what he is currently giving


Is he /she phing the nutes

Good question probably no

Looks like desert soil. To dry for sure.

It would be best to get the watering down properly. I don’t do soil grows but I am sure that is to dry. Also if soil gets to dry it has to be slowly watered to get damp again. If pouring water fast it cant get absorbed properly by the soil and just runs out bottom of pot.

How do I know this if I don’t do soil grows ?

When I was a kid mom said I could go out and play after I watered her plants. Watered as fast as I could and sure as shit there was a waterfall out bottom of pot and the soil was still dry almost everywhere. But I got to go play lmao her poor plants.

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