Help for my first ever grow, white chronic cream of the crop NJ

I would love some help/guidance from experienced cultivators for my first indoor grow consisting of 9 ladies from seed. Im 23 days in so far and any guidance is welcome as a couple of my larger plants have large fan leaves which are clawing at the ends. I can provide up to date pictures and info on any medium and nutes etc.

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If you can take some pics in natural light it’ll help.
We need to see the actual hues in the plant :+1:

I have one picture, this is my fastest growing white chronic, 14 inches so far, my concern are slight curling of large fan leaves aswell as drooping, they are massive fan leaves, casting alot of shade also. They are in Biobizz light mix, no nutes added so far at 24 days. Apologies for shoddy quality of my phone camera. P.s I will add pictures of all in natural light once I finish work tonight. Thanks

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Hmm, gut says over watering without any additional info. Normally causes larger leaves to sorta droop. I do not necessarily see traditional clawing.

Holding out for a bit more info and pics ! Cheers

What additiinal information would you like? I am using a 600w HPS with dimmable ballast currently set too 400watt kept around a foot away, I tend to water when soil is dry up to a couple inches and pots feel light with soil shrinking slighlty from pot edges, my other 3 W Chronic do not share the same symptoms but are aroumd the same size, all plants bar 2 new auto seedlings are in 11litre pots. The plant showing symptoms also has a miniscule hole and one little tear in two fan leaves with slight yellowing, I will have tje pictures for you in a few hours. Many thanks.

I have some pictures for you, quality isnt the best, theres one picture with the little tears/hole in large fan leaf and largest fan leaves drooping alot.

DSC_0055 DSC_0056 the last 2 or 3 are different bag seed strains and the first are white chronic