Help for first-time grower-yellowing bottom leaves

Looking for an assist in diagnosing the yellowing leaves on the bottom of both my plants.

-5 1/2 week old Northern Lights auto.

-600W LED, fox farms nute cycle with calmag/seaweed, coco/fox farms organic soil. I just measured the nutes and PH and all seem fine? Nitrogen was a little high. PH consistently around 6.5. 70-75 degrees with around 50% humidity.

Any thoughts on the yellowing?

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It’s not abnormal for mature plants to drop the lower leaves.

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Those lower leaves are like batteries that powered the plant and have used up their charge.
Nice looking plants. :grin:


Welcome to the forum. Looks really nice

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Hey @runninpsyche-
Welcome to our forum! I think you will like it here. A lot of growers who will help with any issues you have. And they won’t make you feel like a dufus, no matter what you ask. You have gotten solid answers for your Yellowing leaves. You will likely see more now that she is flowering. Those lower leaves helped to generate a good structure in veg, but now the plant is focused on getting her groove on. The perfume gets turned up, the buds form and bulk up, as she does her best to get pollinated. But that’s not gonna happen. She looks happy! If you want to tag a particular grower just put a @ in front of their name. @runninpsyche - just tagged you for an example. If you are into reading, Hellraiser has a couple of great threads. One is “Hellraiser grows Gorilla glue and others” and he has one on cloning too. His latest grow is zkittles, and he has a thread for that too. He is very experienced and is a great teacher to many. Good luck! Peace…


You guys are super helpful, thanks for all the responses!


Hey @patchman …… you just helped me without even knowing it. I have a question for you. I bought a 2x4 tent and have 2 (supposed) 1000w lights from some manufacturer called Lefreshinsoft. Amazon special. How many plants would be safe without overcrowding? Lights are non dimmable and just have selector switches

It will depend a little on the strains you are growing, and what your lights will support. I have never heard of that light manufacturer before, if it’s what I am thinking, you probably only can grow 2 at a time, having a light directly over each plant. A better light might be able to grow more than 2 a time. Good luck, and if you have lighting questions you can always ask dbrn32, aka “Dr Light.” Peace…

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Hey @Menace You could probably squeeze two plants in that space with those lights. The lights actually only have about 100w of actual power. Therefore, you have about 200w +/- 10w.

From the manufacturer:

As a newbie myself, I made the classic error of buying inferior lights prior to learning more about them. If possible, I would highly recommend returning those and looking into better lighting. I currently have the equivalent of what you have in a 2x2 with only ONE plant and that seems to work well.

Look into posts from @dbrn32 who has a plethora of lighting knowledge. One highly recommended amongst growers are lights from HLG. Check them out.

Best of luck.


A little skeptical that two $50 lights will flower out a 2x4 well. Doesn’t hurt to try, but I suspect your buds will be airy and not produce a lot of weight. I would suggest starting to stash a little cash to upgrade lights. Led market has been kinda volatile, but if you want a good light for a 2x4 I would expect to be somewhere in the $300-$500 range.

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Hey Menace-
I know you have looked, but manufacturer’s will put what they believe (or want you to believe) the light will veg and what the light will flower (how many square feet the light will cover for veg and flower stages. I may look around to help if you want. Peace…

Hey Menace-
I looked on HLG’s website and it looks like the 225 would be good, or you could get two of the lights I have which is the HLG 135 rspec. They are dimmable and it has been great so far for me. Buds are a lot denser than the blurple light I ran the 1st time. The 225 is on sale for around $300, and 2 135’s will be around $350. So @dbrn32, any preference on those two lights?

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Hlg-225 isn’t the most practical solution, so I would look at doing something with larger boards. The 350r, 300L, 260xl kits would all be better fit.

Thank you @dbrn32 and @patchman!! I used a true 1000w hps when I did the 3 harvests back in 07-08

That handled 5 plants in a 8x8 dog kennel I converted that gramps had built. I was pulling 3-4 lbs off of the 5 !!! You both are so right! I crammed the GG, GSCE, and BB AUTOS with the Trainereck clone I was gifted. Here is what happened
BB…. Short, stunted, finished in 12 weeks and only yielded a 1/4oz. GSC finished in 14 total and gave me oz. The other two as u see are still going. I have kept ph and ppm in check so you are both right! Lights suck ass!!! I’ll keep them for seedlings and clones and buy the hlg.
Only one question…. I want my 5 total. I was thinking 4x4 tent. Any recommendations for that size tent? I’m moving and will now have room for both.
Thanks again for all the help!! Have a great 4th

Since that is a light question I will leave that to Dr. Light to answer. If you go to HLG’s website or spider farmer or whoever, when you look at their lights they have what the light will veg and flower. You want to make sure that the light can handle what you’re trying to grow. I would trust HLG’s numbers on that, but some of the other manufacturers will “exaggerate” what their lights can do. Just like when they say that their light is 1000 watts when it only pulls 100 from the socket. Buyer beware! I do not want to sound like only one kind of light is the only way to get good results. It’s all about the nuts and bolts of the unit. Samsung 301 LED diodes, a good driver, and the efficiency of the light are all important. I will let @dbrn32 guide you from here man. Just tag me if you need any help. If I don’t know, I can point you in the right direction. Peace…

5 plants in a 4x4 is doable. You have to look at size of plants that’s going to leave you with though, as it probably won’t produce 3-4 units. 1-2 would be more in line with typical results from that space, regardless of how many plants you run. More about size and shape of your canopy than plant count, and how well you can control environment.