Help for a newbie with Huntington's Disease

Hi All.

As the topic says, I have Huntington’s Disease which is a bastard of a neurological disease with no cure so I’m hoping I can get some help controlling the symptoms with some medial marijuana. I’ve never even tried cannabis before but I took the leap and got some seeds from Robert and currently have a few Amnesia Haze seedlings growing in the garage and I’m planning to buy a vaporizer in the near future.

My question is how should I harvest and prepare the plant once it’s ready?
I found a great article on Medical Jane which outlines how it might help but it is quite clear that someone with Huntington’s shouldn’t have too much THC. I’m therefore thinking that I should decarboxylate the buds for around 90 minutes as stated here.

I have a few questions about this. Does decarboxylation make the buds too dry or affect the taste too much to go in a vaporiser? Would it be better to add some leaf or something?

Anyway I thank you all in advance and hope that I haven’t bored you too much.


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I wouldn’t decarboxilated the flowers if you plan on smoking them…whys not just let them grow a tidbit longer than they are supposed to so the thc degrades into cbd and wont have to much thc at the end

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The act of vaping actually decarbs the bud, Save it up and make salve out of it!

Welcome to ILGM @FazerPete Sorry to hear about the Huntington’s. I’m sure you can get some relief with MMJ.

Another thought is dosage. I think most of the bud vapes hold at least a half gram. If you run it at a lower setting (Most have three settings - more or less) and hit it easy a couple of times, you will also get a smaller dose. Turn of the vape and dump the bud out as the chamber will stay hot for awhile and continue to keep the bud hot for awhile. When you need more dump the partially used bud back into the vaporizer. If you leave the bud in the vaporizer it will get all sticky inside and require more frequent cleaning.

Which vaporizer do you have?

What percent of amber are you thinking @Majiktoker

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Ah OK. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been doing some reading and I was thinking of getting a Flowermate V5.0 Pro which is in my price range and has a reasonably small chamber with variable temperature settings. Any thoughts on this one?

I’m completely open to percentage of amber as this is the first batch I’ve ever grown. What do you suggest?


About 60-75% amber the rest will be cloudy but the combination of cbd and thc should and will compliment each other in the process of healing @bob31 and @FazerPete


Thanks again for the quick reply and good advice. I’ll post some pics when it gets to that time and ask if you think they’re ready .

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Perfect sounds good and my pleasure happy growings and welcome to ilgm

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