Help!flowering too early?

I totally apologize.I just reread my first post and I didn’t even ask the main question I wanted to know and that was is this grow worth doing with the plants flowering so early.I didn’t wanna end up with a bunch of Dwarfs.I see where you were coming from now with your answer and Thx.Now I know Autos don’t give af lol.


That answer is on point and exactly what I needed to know.Thanks everybody!We good here.

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Don’t discount the size Brother! I’ve had runts put out some killer dense buds! You can pull some really good yields from autos with training, environmental conditions, PH and nutrients dialed in. :love_you_gesture:. I’ll give you a tag on my auto/photo run if you’re interested??

Anytime, you’re in the right place. So many knowledgeable cultivators here willing to share they’re knowledge and truly want the members to be successful :love_you_gesture:

No worries man as much as autos have alot of good qualitys they can be a pain in the neck with this flowering at any stage u can try lst training to try to get the plant to stretch u will probley find they may stretch anyway

Autos do they thinks went they want I can said cuz I grow autos and I had my first midget plant on week 6 lol here