Help Flowering time

I’m growing some gsc extreme autoflower I got from your site. They say flowering time 8 weeks.
Is that 8 weeks from seed or from the time the plants started flowering ?

Flowering time.

I wish seed sites would also provide days to maturity. Like you see on a package of vegetable seeds.
The eight weeks from when you see pistils

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

The 8 weeks is flowering time, however that’s growing in a perfect environment. Which is rare. You will need to check trichromes with a jewler loupe, for when to harvest.

Happy growing!

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Most autos are finished 8 to 9 weeks after germination. start to flower after about 4 weeks finished 4-5 weeks later in most cases. Best to have the jewler’s loupe.

I’m 6 weeks into flowering my Blueberry auto from ILGM. Looked at the trichomes this morning and they are crystal clear! So much variation in time! As @Zee and @wyseguy said, need to get a magnifying device to see the trichomes.

My Autos go 4 months. Just as long as my Photos.

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I don’t think I’ve seen any actually make this benchmark yet.

This seems to be close to the norm.

My first one took 12 weeks.

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Neither have I. :+1:

I may be wrong, but from my experience (4 auto grows) I am starting to think that the happier the plants are, the longer they take… to an extent of course.
Thing is, flowering cannabis is actually a natural response female plants have when they can sense they are starting to reach the end of their lives, which is why they start to smell more and create trichomes to attract male pollen so they can produce seeds and maintain their lineage. My theory is that if they don’t feel like they are reaching the end, they continue to grow slowly and hence, will get bigger and flower slowly-er.
Again, this is just my theory based on a handful of articles, posts and ideas I have read, plus my experience with my personal auto grows and the feeding/environmental changes. The better schedule and environment my girls have had, the longer they go, the bigger they get and the slower the flowering process has been.
I have zero proof or backing besides my experience and personal research.
What do you all think of my theory? Am I full of shiz, or am I on to something?