Help! First timer

Hi, I am growing a self flowering G S Cookies plant. It started on May30th and now about 14 weeks in. The leaves started to yellow. Is that because it is getting close to harvest or another issue. I have clawed leaves, suspect the potting soil (Miracle

grow) as I have not fertilized. all the leaves from bottom to top have had a brown tip for awhile. I use a watering meter so I thought I wasn’t under or over watering? Should I leave it alone or flush? My buds seem small so I was hoping to get some more grow time in. I’m using LED lights and indoors. Thanks for any help!



This means you’re about to get some amazing feedback. :laughing:

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In Miracle Grow, the challenge is gonna be that if you flush it, you’re just activating more time released nutrients. I won’t guarantee it’s going to improve without a flush but I’d be anxious to do a flush too.

The other thing to mention is the water/moisture meter is gonna be a bad gauge - I always use the weight of the pot to tell me when to water. If it’s dry enough, you can typically push it over/tip it with just a couple fingers.

I suspect some N toxicity and some probable root zone issues - that’s what the leaves seem to be telling me. Chances are you’ve just been watering too frequently and not giving her enough time to dry out enough. It feels wrong but if you leave it longer between waterings, she will thank you for it.

What kind of light are you using?

Oh and how long has it been since she began to show flowering signs/pistils?


Have you been in the same soil for 14 weeks? If so, you are probably due for some added nutes.


Miracle Gro has time-released and fairly non-canna friendly nutrients. They’re often a bit much for an autoflower, which can be more reactive to nutrient overload than their photoperiod counterpart. I’m not sure I totally buy that as much as just that some strains are gonna be more particular than others, and some of those just happen to be available as autoflowers.

After 14 weeks, I’d hesitaste to add much except a canna friendly bloom booster - something heavy in phosphorus and potassium. Budding cannabis needs more P and K than I think most plants tend to use.

My head can’t fit through the door as is, my man. :joy: I don’t know if the ego boost is warranted but I appreciate it :v::100:


This pic is from July 5, so started flowering about 9 weeks ago. Using LED lights now but used fluorescents early on. The LEDs are a lot brighter. I’m running them 18/6 now but was doing 24.

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You still have along way to go before ur ready for harvest i would say ur plants are hungry for pk

Subtract 2 weeks from first pistil sighting - I’d put you around 7 weeks of flower. That means you do have a while to go for bud stacking.

I recommend Mother of All Blooms or Flower Fuel, they’re water soluble nutrients that are heavy in P and K - you can add them to the water and only add when needed. Anything high in P & K is good but those are the two I use and have had success with.

Changing watering habits - increase how long you wait between waterings - and perhaps drilling extra holes in the bottom of the pot will help improve airflow throughout the root zone.

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I know I screwed up using hot potting soil. That’s why I don’t know if I flush will it make it worse as mentioned. My soil is layered, top 3 inches is potting soil, next 3 inches are top soil, bottom 3 inches is wood chips. I thought that would help drainage? Like I said this is my first try and I learned a lot. Next time I’m going to use a fabric bag and soil made for Marijuana.


Yeah, for now just focus on getting this gal across the finish line. We’ll get you there and help get you set up for success next grow. :v::sunglasses:


I would keep on watering her it should sort its self out

Today I bought some bloom food 0-10-10 is that to high (lol). I diluted one teaspoon in a gallon of water. Did that this am. Looks no worse, maybe better. I could not add to much water because it was already damp. I’ll try to let it dry a bit and add some more in a few days.

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Just follow directions on the bottle but use 1/4th of the amount they recommend. It’s much easier to start slow and add more than it is to remove stuff from them if they’re overloaded. :v:

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I added some bloom food as advised and the leaves seem a bit better but more importantly the buds appear to be getting thicker. I think the trichomes are getting milky too.


For what it’s worth, she’s got a lot lot lot of growing left to do, these early trichomes will be in the minority of total trichomes she produces by the end. Don’t let these early ones turning cloudy or amber stress you out - the bulk and fresh trichs will come in the next 3-6 weeks. :100: she looks great.


It’s been a week or so since I added bloom fertilizer. However now almost all the fan leaves are turning yellow. Do you think it is just closing time soon? The buds and sugar leaves look ok.

It looks like the new growth is good and green. Buds still look young. You will want to crank the lights up and keep feeding on a regular schedule. You can cut those worsening leaves off if you like. They wont get better and might stress you out for no reason.


IMO it’s a few weeks out yet. The real tell will be the trichomes. Once most hairs have turned brown and receded back then check the trichomes to determine when you wanna chop. Do you have any magnification of the trichs?