Help! First-timer. Week three stem is slouching

It looked nice until this afternoon when it started leaning. I figured it was too windy so I brought it indoors. Should I have planted it lower in the pot?
Transplanted 5 days ago, I keep outdoors during the day and indoors under lamp at night

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I bury mine much deeper. You can put a small stake in for her if she starts to topple.


I figured it wasn’t deep enough but was afraid to disturb it after the fact. I will try that. Thanks!

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I’ve started 2 autos both Chocolate Skunk and mine did the funky blend but they’re fine. Transplanted both at least an inch up the stem. Those leaves will get to heavy for a long skinny stem if you don’t bury a lot of the stem.


Ya she is still fixable just empty out a bunch of dirt carefully sink her down right below those cotyledon to stabilize her, mound up some dirt and get the light closer, stake her if necessary like @Laurap said. Maybe a bamboo shiskabob thing? Good luck!!


Ok thanks for your input. I know what I have to do!

Great thanks for the reassurance! I’m going to try burying her some more

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Your light can also make a difference. Not enough direct or powerful light and the plant will stretch toward the light.

Yeah that’s very probable in my case, it wasn’t that long when I transplanted it.
During the day it’s outside with plenty of sun But I’m still not certain about the lighting that I should be using. What do you use or recommend?

Well I only have a 1000w blurple but the consensus seems to be hlg quantum boards products are the best. How much light depends on your grow space dimensions. @dbrn32 @Jbum are a few that I’ve seen diy builds.

Yup those diy builds are amazing. But are u under 24/0 lighting? Give her a couple hours rest. 20/4 is more healthy.

And try not to water the stem directly
Make a circle around the outside of ur leaves. Make her roots ‘hunt’ the water n force their growth

Sounds good. I did read up on some. Looks like I shouldn’t be moving it from one location to another either😞

Yes she’s under constant light. Will take your advice on the 20/4. Thanks!

No probs! If u need anything else feel free to tag. Good luck n happy growing