Help first time growing

First time grower trying Super Lemon Haze Autoflower I am at week 7 everything was going great until 2 weeks ago ago I am in panic mode. Tried everything more light less light more water less water NPK looks good PH about 6.0 to 6.5 here are pics Help please I don’t want to have to start over.


What kind of light do you have? Make? Model?

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LED not sure what brand.

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I only ask because it looks as if you might need more lighting. Do you have a pic or a link to the light?

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It’s rather a bad pheno, or it’s not enough light. If you can take a picture of the fixture, we can figure out what you have.

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They have been on 24/7

I don’t see the light.

It looks like one of these.

OP, you are going to need far more light to properly flower a cannabis plant.

You’re gonna want another light. That light isn’t near enough good enough.

Why? Aren’t you in flower? Is it an autoflower?


Super Lemon Haze Autoflower

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I’m surprised you got as far as you have
I agree that light is not sufficient for growing weed like you want

That really is impressive though that you got some bud action

Outdoors or new light, up to you

Edit: clearly you have your s together cause that plant looks awesome for what you’ve been working with

I’d not let that talent go to waste
Your light is a good seedlings lamp but not much more
I hope you can get a good light as I can’t wait to see what you grow with the proper tools


Looks like the one I have but mine came with a tripod will try more lights. Thank you guys

So sorry you got conned by the advertising on the Amazon

So much crap on there

If and when you are in a financial position and have the mind to get some efficient lighting let us know and we can steer you away from the BS and in the right direction

I will take any advice that will help me out. Thank you.

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Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thank you.

I’m currently using a Mars Hydro TSW-2000 and want an upgrade. I’m looking at the HLG line of lights. A little pricey, but I feel they are worth the investment.