Help! First time grower, dark spots on the fan leaves, getting worse and worse : (

After my babies bounced back from root bound, dark(and shinier) spots shows this morning, along with purple stem and leaf tips appear burnt. Done a lot of research, looks like phosphorus deficiency, but the dark spots are not start from bottom, it’s on fan leaves only.
Feel free to correct my grammar too, i’m learning English HARD:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:
Strain; OG Kush

PH of runoff :6.2-6.8

Nutrient? Advanced nutrients PH PERFECT

Indoor or Outdoor - indoor

Light system, size -LED 280W

Humidity; 30-50%

Temps; 78-90°F

Here are some pics form just one day after what you saw above, looks really bad.
The third pic is my most healthy baby, so we can tell the purple stem is definitely something wrong.

After another 9 hours under the light, leaves are getting crispy, touch-to-dust crispy.

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What fans are you running, are they oscillating? I notice a few fingers on the fan leaces are curling down, the same as mine, I believe this is wind burn/strength. There are so many differemt symptoms so diagnosis can be difficult. Just keep a close eye on your girls and report any changes.

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Doubt it was wind burn man, I use one of those usb fan, the smallest I can get.

Looks like the roots aren’t happy to me either because of transplant shock or over watering and when the roots aren’t happy then they won’t take up nutrients very efficiently which can lead to deficiencies

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What is the ppm of the run off?

Run off seems on a good side, just transplant them to 5 gallon home though, maybe some sort of transplant shock?

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Did you add Some pics because now it does look like a Phosphorous deficiency to me lol.

Oh yeah? Should I wait on the next feed to add something in the water or do it right away? I just watered them yesterday, many thanks man/

I don’t know because i don’t know what’s causing your deficiency, of that’s what it Is. Is it your pH being off? are your roots having issues? Are you overwatering or is your fertilizer content in the soil too high? I don’t know what’s causing it so I can’t tell you what to do plus it’s been a long time since I’ve grown in soil.

Let me call in a couple more knowledgable people



Thanks man, that helped a lot.

I suppose to be log out but since you have tagged me, @TDubWilly, inter alia, my first impression is overwatered…

Bloated interveinal tissues, as also the new shoots are and wrinkling… And darker older leaves…

So, it’s most probably the culprit and nutrients excess or lock out deficiencies are likely come from this…

Let your medium dry until light weight or\and when you put your finger at 2 inch down and it’s feel dry…

In hope that’s helping you, @oooyyy3

Truly yours…

~Al :v::innocent:

Now it’s true that I will log out… lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v:


That’s what i’m afraid, thanks, will send some new pictures tomorrow.

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