HELP. Extra light in flower period

Roommate went to the Er while I was at work where I lost my phone in the cab in to work so I had no idea got home to the tent still on the 1000w hps running 5 hours past its shut off health wise roomates
fine so im upset. leafs drooping from thirst as well but not severe. It is a day short of week 5 of flowering and there all clones.

  • Do i have to worry as much about hermies since there clones fingers crossed?
  • should I keep to schedule or give them full 12of sleep since is so important now and just turn the light on the same time that I kick them on tomorrow for now on?
    *should I water went lights on in the am or give them a drink now ,(running a dehumidifier to keep re at 44_55 best was 60+before)
    *how bad off am I am prepared for bad loss be honest

@beardless @Watt-Sun @Hellraiser

Not much experience with photos so hopefully someone else can provide better info.

I’m not sure how big of a problem it is.
But I would advise getting a timer for your lights so they can automatically turn on and off at set times.
They’re fairly cheap I got mine on amazon for like $15 each I think


In on my 3rd timer I have tried of all different brands
And prices never got over a month from any of them

You should be fine as long as it’s only a one time

Give them 12 hours of dark from when you turned the light off and make that the start of your new 12/12 schedule

Water now as long as your humidity is under control when you have lights out as this will cause it to spike

You should be fine . But I’d reccomend investing in a timer for your lights to avoid this kind of stress :v:


I use a fairly cheap manual set timer from Walmart, the type that has a round dial with hours printed on dial and small push in tabs to set on/off function. Hasn’t failed me yet.


So I have tried the wallmart timer and the bestseller one on amaze even a more pricey peer reviewed one which is running my fan but its on intervals that work 8/10 times it takes its days off sometimes which is why I do t have it on the light


@Vosnok. I use a manual dial type like @Bulldognuts but mine is for an automotive block heater.
Heavy duty with dual plug ins.
Got 5 grows on it so far and no issues.
Only thing is if power goes out then it has to be reset