Help? Dwc Need help diagnose start 5th week of flower

Help diagnose plant. Use 3 part GH use table on back of the bottle. Open tent last night took notice of some slight tip burn an discoloration. Open tonight and looks horrible. The light is far away as it can go. Ppm where high but got back down to around 1500 ppm. Switch 12 12 June 10th.

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Fried. PPM’s way too high. I generally couldn’t get much over 800 with GH. Change your water, cut nutes to 1/2 of what you were using.


I think between nutes way to high an my ph meter reading wrong mite be the problem. I checked ph 3 ways. My oh meter high 6. Pool ph strip so low doesn’t register so has to be below 6 way below and same result with ph test i use for my aquarium. Me slowly adding low ph water on top of nutrients? Should I empty the 5 gallon bucket completely an remix new water

Run water only until you get a decent PH and TDS meter. Use grow schedule published online and keep nutrient load at or below 800 ppm.

Seriously. Your PH is going to be an ongoing and growing problem as flowering progresses.

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Thank you. New meter will be here tomorrow. My light cycles from 9pm-9am. So at the moment its off so should I continue to wait until 9pm to get in to change or can I just open with garage lights off

That’s gonna be your call; plant is not happy so would be good to get into some water only but don’t want too much stress added on already stressed plant.