Help droopy leaves and really purple stems

Re-useable, I rinse mine out and leave the old roots. There’s holes in the bottom of the plastic pot right? :love_you_gesture:

Ya there is usually if i do have run off ill let it drip out for like a hour n then dump the excess so its not sitting in water

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I jus watered it n the pot was actually light so soil was rather dry but seems to be improving today the top of the stalks are back to green and less redish


Looking a bit happier :blush:

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I would remove this growth, it’ll never get enough light :love_you_gesture:


Hey i was debating on lightly pruning them but from my research for pruning autos have been 50 50 on pruning them and shouldnt you only prune during veg or doesnt matter. Thanks for the advice

Deff is hopefully itll show sum more improvement tonight i hope wen i first made this post i couldnt bleave how red the stems were

Have any of u used the ppm meter from amazon i no i should get one n a ph tester they seem allmost too cheap on amazon but they have good reviews

Am i paranoid or is some how this one has turned hermie even that far into flower it id really hate to have to toss this plant its growing so amazingly

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Have any of u used the ppm meter from amazon

I have and thought they were trash. I couldn’t keep them calibrated and was getting inconsistent readings. It’s something you will be using everyday so its worth the investment to get a good Apera.
And sadly, yes… that one appears to have grown boy parts. However… if you seperated it from the others and grew it in isolation, the seeds you will get from it will be feminized. (Assuming this came from an ILGM feminized seed…?)
And yes… you can defoliate autos. I did when i grew them.

Ya they are from ilgm feminized seeds i might jus move it into the closet to isolate it but then the only grow lights i have to yse are cheap ones i upgraded to a 720 watt ion light 4 foot by 4 foot n made a huge difference n ill deff have to incest in good meters im thinking prop best to get them at the grow store

I got this one on Amazon. It comes with 3 point calibration solutions, storage solution, a handy carrying case and will measure ph, TDS (standard and EU), PPM, and EC.

and its relatively easy to re calibrate

Pluck the nads off and keep on growing :love_you_gesture:

Hey i will deff get that one i like how it does everything so its still reasonable on the price i really do appreciate the help and wisdom

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No problem. Glad to help.