Help Drooping curling leaves

Strain; Type, Skywalker og photo

Soil in pots, Fox farm light warrior,happy frog & ocean forest soil 5 gal fabric pots
System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Doing a 24hr slurry test now

What is strength of nutrient mix? None yet just distilled water

Indoor or Outdoor indoor grow indoor 4x4x80
Light system, size? 2 600 viparspectras

Temps; Day, Night day temp day-78-80 degrees night-70 degrees

Humidity; Day, Night day and night 50-55%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size yes 6 inch & carbon filter but not using yet not much smell

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, only humidifier
Been careful watering have 2 other skywalker og and 2 blue dream seem to be fine, this is my 2nd grow my first was a autoflower and got carried away watering too much.thanks everybody
Co2; Yes, No no co2

Looks thirsty. When is the last time u watered it?

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1 day ago about 12oz of water, just watered to runoff hopefully she’ll perk up, temperatures staying between 80-81 and humidity of 50% hopefully it’s not too hot can’t seem to get any lower. thanks

super dark green color means nitrogen overdose.

prefertilized growing media is famous for killing plants. Dilute or discard.
read several articles in the site guides section regarding good healthy plants and nute problems. read it…good stuff

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Nope…OP using good media so no need to dilute or dispose of it.

Looks like either overwatering or under watering. She does look rich in nitrogen though. With the soil you used won’t need any additional nutrients for a month or more is my guess.

I could be off base with my thoughts but that is what I see

Exactly right. Dark green and clawing is a sure sign of N toxicity.


ask ten people, you will ten different answers. choose wisely. :vulcan_salute:

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Slurry tested at ph-6.5 and tds was 1081ppm I have noticed also how green the plant is, gonna let the girl dry out and see what happens I layered light warrior with happy frog and on the outside with op the 1081 ppm seems high I watered to runoff should I flush?

How old r they?

5 weeks from seed

That’s probably where your getting all the nitrogen from. I would let them dry out really well.