Help. Dried out leaves

Not sure what is going on. She has a few of these dried out leaves. I have a feeling its too much air flow from my small fan. Its only a few of the leaves that are in line with the fan. I had turned it up a setting because its been so hot in there (upwards of 90°F). I dont have the room or the funds for an a.c. unit in there either.

She can handle 90° temps no problem when in soil. In hydro it’s a show stopper. Are those leaves near the bottom or far away from the light? Where do you have your fan pointed? At the plants? Is that a 5 gallon bucket?

All your top leaves look good to me. Don’t sweat a few dying leaves it happens. If all the leaves start showing symptoms is when you really have an issue.


Bottom leaves and due to confined spaces the fan has been pointed at the very bottom part of her. Yes 5 gal bucket with drainage holes drilled in.

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I wouldn’t worry about losing a few low leaves here and there.
Looks good.


Just cut them off and then they won’t bother you anymore lol.