Help don’t know if it’s flowering already

Need help not sure if this plant is flowering or just showing it’s female. It’s 6 weeks old and I have it indoors waiting to bring it outside. image image

Yes that look like the start of flower is this a auto flower plant


To be honest I’m not sure I have 2 other one and they don’t look like that. Do you know if it’s gonna grow bigger I was going to transplant them into bigger pots soon.

It’s definitely flowering. If you’re just giving it natural light, it may need supplemental lighting after the sun is down. Depending on where you live, you may not be getting much over 12 hours of sun each day, which would cause it to flower. If it’s an auto, then everything is going to plan.

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If you have 2 other plants that aren’t flowering, and all have been given the same conditions, then I’d say these 2 are auto’s.

And yes, auto’s will continue to grow as they are flowering. Although, they don’t typically get as big as photo’s.

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Should I switch to the bloom nutrients for this one then? I’ve been giving them veg nutrients

These are the 3 I got they all have had the same treatment

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I would have to say the bud one is a auto flower then and go to flower nutrients on that on and get it under some good light

I would probably give it part veg and part flower nutes. Being autoflowers, they will require more nitrogen than photo’s during flower, as they continue to grow, unlike photo’s
But, they are still a little small, so I wouldn’t go overboard with the nutes.

Following the schedule provided for your nutrients may be a good idea.