Help?! Disease maybe?! Idk!

I left to for a couple hours and came back my plant was being consumed by bugs and now the leaves on some have these dark green spots by the tips of the leaves. Is it a disease if so how do I prevent the spread of it?!

Plants consumed by bugs… :thinking::exploding_head:
Not sure I understand… :upside_down_face:
Why would you leave them in a place that was questionable?

Many ways to defeat the enemy… not sure why you would take on such a challenge…
Ok… you really need to clean up the area… as well as a preventative maintenance program to keep pests at bay…

2 oz. of neem oil for 1 gallon of good ph’d water and 5 drops of dawn dish soap , applied every 7 to 14 days… should get things back on track…
I also use something called green cleaner in between to mix things up… :wink:



Being the victim of dreaded white flies, I know that white spot on the leaves is where they have been feeding. White spots will be all over in a random pattern.

The black splotches is nute or ph related.

Okay thank you