Help. Did i get pollinated? If so what do i do?

Wow that brought a smile to my face. Im not positive thats what happend but almost sure. Also possible that the og just hermied on itself also im not positive. Going to pop the seeds and grow them out. Then hopefully smoke some of the first Og Pink Diablo Hybrid.

Toss any seeds from any plant that pollinated itself (the original hermie) they will most likely produce hermie seeds. Grow out the others ones that the hermie pollinated . You’ll be less likely to pass on Herm traits having 2 parents.

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Unless there was something exceptional about the plant with hermaphroditic tendencies, I wouldn’t work with it. It’s just not worth it.

Breeding plants is extremely accessible, but takes a lot of dedication to do anything that actually improves the outcome. Read The Cannabis Breeders Bible by Greg Green, Marijuana Botany by Robert Connell-Clarke, and DJ Short’s Breeding Exceptional Cannabis.

I would make a quick tally of all the cost I incur on two grows, and ask myself if it isn’t easier to just buy seeds from a breeder. Obviously, you’ll have an abundance of seeds if you make your own, but most people would struggle to use more than 20 seeds per cycle. The most expensive seeds (that aren’t an obvious scam) top out at $20/seed. Compare that to hundreds of dollars in electricity, nutrients, and opportunity cost (you could be growing something better!)

I fully endorse making seeds; however, I believe you start with something that’s already breeds true, or commit to stabilizing something that doesn’t.

I’m trying to save you the frustration of going through this again.

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ah ok so its harder and more complicated than i thought. I will get into this when i have seperate space to do this kinda stuff. Right now having pollen flying around will just puck things up. Thankyou @KeystoneCops for makin me think first. Its a great idea just not right now. Would folliar switch work in this situation if i could get my hands on it?

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I actually tried to find out a little bit about foliar switch, because my suspicion is they’re including something in that formulation that acts as a hormonal agent. Or, and this is also possible, it doesn’t actually work.

The thing with sex-reversing agents is that they tend to be really toxic. Florel comes to mind. I think it’s fine to use those products, so long as you’re not going to ingest the plant material (orally or inhaled).

I’d rather just roll with the situation as is and either turn the crop into hash, or take the time to pick the seeds out of the bud before smoking. It’s fine. The quality will be fine. Many of us remember when seeded herb was all you could get.

So, don’t feel too bummed out over the pollination. You’re still going to have a big crop that you grew yourself.

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Really toxic and cant smoke or eat it…lmao ok neverming i aint gona use it. Ill figure it out without it. There are many strins out there that i can try and gro before i start trying to play weed god and create strains. Im too new to this and think i should just stick to keeping what i have growing proper and not hermieing or pollinating. Thanks again @KeystoneCops.

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It is NOT TO LATE. even if pollinated it reverses the shit. I used it to save my last grow. 730grams no seeds. Was probably about same age as yours when I used switch on it. Then repeat 10 days later.
Spray on leaves not buds.

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Or just pluck nanners or sacks and fix light leaks.


I am so confused. I have lil white powder spots again. Not as bad as before tho. I cant see any nanners at all especially near some of the white powder spots. There is nothing above some of what i thot are pollen dump sites. And with my air flow i dont see how it could travel inches away and still land in one spot. It would spread a lil i would think. I need to figure this out. @BetrayedSoul @KeystoneCops @Watt-Sun pls let me kno what you think

Get a pic uploaded of white powder spots. Check underside of any bud site above the powder spots.
Might be white powder mold or wpm for short.

What’s the rh at ?

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I think thats what it is wpm. I got 27% peroxide to treat it. rh is no higher than 30%. Think this happend cause of overcrowding, lack of training and not enuff defol or airflow. will post pics soon @BetrayedSoul

@BetrayedSoul can you give me some pointers on using peroxide for wpm. And i heard this will deal with pollen if it exist also. Do you know this to be true?

@BetrayedSoul also what will i be lookin for under leaves under spots?

I’ve never had wpm but have seen it on here.

Was just wondering to help out.

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Update: Im an Idiot. I dont have white powder mildue, and i didnt get pollinated. I live in a old building and in my flower room there is a water pipe chase. It was a lil bit of plaster that broke loose and dropped the white powder on leaves. Was powdered plaster that was it. Fixed now and i feel dumb lol.


Funny stuff. Your not dumb though. I would have been asking away as well. Glad you figured it out !!


Well that’s really good news! :blush::sunflower:

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Ah yes. Dodged a bullet, but it stressed me to no end. @anon49170411

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