Help diagnosing leaves

Devil Cream Autos by Sweet Seeds
Week 3ish or 2ish of flower depending
Soil: Fox Farm Coco Loco
Nutes: Earth Dust, various amendments (living soil)
5gal pots
I ph my water to around 6.2-3

Second ever grow, and I’m having the same exact issue. These rust looking spots during flower that will just continue to spread. It was suggested last time that my issue was linked to light stress so I’ve been VERY reserved with the light. Someone suggested potassium def. which seems valid. What are y’all’s thoughts and suggestions to address?

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Looks like you had an ‘issue’ earlier which caused the spots and tip burn. You have some interveinal chlorosis along with a bit of clawing which tells me to up your cal mag and no more N or at least reduce it.

About week 3 of flower it’s not a bad idea to do a modest defoliation and remove older fans and damaged leaves. Remember; leaves damaged will not recover. Look to new growth for improvement.


Cal mag needed…. neut burn burn tips a ph water issue looks like your soil could have a high ph… you should flush a plant at least twice in its life if your feeding it to reduce neut build up in your soil and or reduce the chance of neut lock out

I agree with no more nitrogen also make up the soil ph is within range.