Help diagnose what is my plant suffering from?

Hello! Happy to be here as a new member and new grower. This is my first grow and it is an auto pineapple express. A week or 2 ago i noticed some yellow spotting on my leaves and then i noticed a small amount of webbing. Upon inspection i found a red spider mite on my plant and killed it and started a neem oil spray. Since then the plant has receieved 1 more neem oil spray and today a spray of insecticidal soap. However looking at my plant, and these spots are still progressing daily something else is going on i believe, that is not mite damage. Is this a deficiency or i read about a fungus that affects mostly autoflowers. Im not sure what to do here!


Do the rust spots rub off? If so, they are a type of fungus. Peroxide/water mixed 50/50 in a spray bottle. The smalls white scattered spots are some type of bug/pest. Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew Concentrate, mix at 1.5x recommended strength, spray every evening just before sun down, safe up until harvest.

And pardon my rudeness, welcome aboard!!! Great stuff here on this forum. Nice, cool and very informative. Good luck and happy growing!

Will do! And the captain jacks, what if it gets on the buds? Is it still safe to smoke?

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Captain Jack’s is safe on buds and flowers. At harvest, perform a bud wash, and it rinses away with all the nasties that build up from outside growing.

Ok, also no the brown spots do not rub off it seems is actual damage to the leaf, like the tissue there has died and it slightly recessed and dry

Could be some kind of nute splash, but the newer growth looks pretty clear.

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