Help diagnose please


Can anyone tell me what this is?
I think it may be a combination of heat stress (T 84, H 76%) until I get my a/c next week, and a cal/mag deficiency. Just transplanted into 3 gal pots 2 days ago but signs started before. Hopefully the bigger pots with my improved soil mix will stabilize them. Waiting on a ph meter, ph up/down and my cal/mag. Praying they arrive in time to save these girls if that’s the problem.


Where they root bound in the cups or starter pots ?
They look kinda big to have been just transplanted
more info is needed
Ph of water in
Nutes if using them type and amount
Soil type


They weren’t root bound in the starter pots, there was great root development but they definitely weren’t root bound. Soil type is a goat manure/bedding(broken down over 1 year and sifted), compost, promix with mycorrhizae , promix potting soil and soil mix. I’m also using fox farm trio but not using tiger bloom, super strive and a thing called bountiful harvest.
Amount 3 to 4 mls of the feed and half a ml of the other 2 in 2 to 3 gallons 1/7
I figured the soil would have enough nutes so I wouldn’t have to feed full or even half strength.

I’m waiting on a ph meter, ph up/down and some cal/mag.


Do you have a tds meter ?
Sounds like you may he high ppm and maybe ph issues
Just water for now not nutes
Get a tds meter so we can test run off


No tds meter as yet, they were transplanted on Tuesday so I was thinking give em a few days to adjust to the new soil … isnt promix already ph’d tho? … Flush then thoroughly next watering. Then all I can do is wait for the rest of equipment to arrive.


It shoukd be balanced but you mixed it with other things as well
And if water is high or low that will adjust soil ph level :+1:
You also want to maintain proper ppm levels in soil


Yea I thought about that, didn’t think it would throw it off by much but I guess I may be wrong. Hopefully they can survive until I have what I need to save them.


They look healthy overall
Stop using the fox farms for now the soil has enough in it if you can pick up a inexpensive tds meter

Here a inexpensive one that will work fine


Here a cheap ph meter
But in my experience they need ti be calibrated more often
I suggest you buy the best ph meter you can afford


@Countryboyjvd1971 I think you have this covered without more details I have to lean towards ph with slight case of nute burn


@Dwayne it could be all the problems you have described with what I have learnt is to always have the tools necessary too at least get you going my friend really do hope that things work out for you because you have a lot of pants there man, try and keep yourself ahead all off the time this gs can change so quickly sometimes good luck :crossed_fingers:


And I still have some to get but mate they really get you researching so that you can put the right ratio of npk together or to use just one when needed most the newest product is the Missing link if you noticed that is expensive it cost €23.50 for a 250ml bottle but it’s supposed to be it’s brand new wondered juice we shall see my friend


Thanks for all the input guys, I feel a lot better knowing I can get the help and advice I need here @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Johnzy81


Your welcome @Dwayne I’m also learning keep going my friend.