Help determining if female

Hi Everyone,
First time doing this from seed - and with Autos. The strain is Minigun (Auto Ak47). I was hoping that I may be able to please get some help in determining if my one plants is starting to show sex or entering preflower. I’ve attached some images below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks female to me. I’m under the assumption that all autos are female. That one little round nub to the right looks weird though. Perhaps just the angle of the photo.


Looks to be a female to me also . Autos are female . Can a autos hermie if under stress ?

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Absolutely, I believe other seed banks sell regular auto seeds, so could be male or female


Thats good to know about other seed banks .Thanks . ILGM only for me .lol

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I wish I could, they do not currently ship to my country :cry:

Any seed you find in a bag can be grown to be better than the bag weed. That weed had seeds. Yours will be sansimilla. That’s a lot of points in your favor already. Give it better light, better nutes, better soil, better flush, better cure and it will be a LOT better. If you grow a lot, you can always make oil out of half of it and spray that on the rest of the buds.

Yes that’s a girl

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Thank you for the confirmation!