Help determining how far away from harvest

Hoping to get an idea of far I might be from harvest. The pictures below is best I have at moment. Got a wifi microscope coming Saturday. I just started week 8 of flowering. I also just started to notice very small brown tips on the tip of leaves. Thanks for reading!

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Looks like pistils are just starting to turn brown. You have 2-3 weeks before need to check again.

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Week and a half roughly if you want it light 2.5-3 if you want it more narcotic

Thanks! Failed to mention strain. It’s photo LSD strain.

So if I am about 2 weeks away, should I stop the nutes and just use distilled water at this point?

That’s what I’d recommend.

Here are some closeups of the trichomes. Today is day 1 of week 9 of flowering. Strain is sativa LSD photo. Looking for guidance on how far from harvest.