Help determining deficiency

I have attached 2 pictures of my WW auto. Grown indoors in FFOF soil… just need ideas as to what possible deficiency my girl has… relatively new and still trying to learn all signs of different deficiencies/excesses. Also in one of the pictures I’ve noticed some of the new leaves twisting, any ideas?

Looks like you have a magnesium deficiency. What is your ph at?

Right around 6.4

Might need to start supplementing Epsom salts (non fragrance)

How old and are you adding nutes yet?

Will be 7 weeks this coming Tues. And yes got the FF line supplements. Should I just mix in Epsom salts? And would you know how much per gallon?

I add 1/2-1tbsp per gallon on water only days

Ok thank you!

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