Help determined the issue - my newly germinated plants are dying!

I haven’t yet harvested my first round growing MMJ. While I am still waiting for the right time to cut the buds, I started on new seeds.

It sprouted successfully, but after about a week, these plants are turning yellow from the bottom and spreading to the top now. All 8 seeds germinated successfully, but all 8 plants having this issue, so something went wrong.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf (fem)
Soil used: Coco + Worm Casting (75:25 ratio)
No Nuts yet, just PH watered - PH 5.5 - 6
It’s 2 weeks since transplant to the larger pot

Is that the same kind of coco as the last grow I know @Screwauger had a issue using a off brand coco.
You check ph going in do you get runoff and check that
They also look hungry
Coco is passive hydro so only nuts you give is what she gets. Ph in hydro 5.8-6.1


Start your nutruents. Coco is inert.


Start nutes asap!!!. Start at 20% of feeding schedules…adjust as needed.
PH for planted grows should be 6+


Thank you @tanlover442 @PhantomFarmer @Sirsmokes for the fast reply.
I will get on it now. You guys are so awesome! This forum ROCKS!


@Sirsmokes, happy anniversary dewd!!

Yes, I did have problems with some coco and all of it needs copious rinsing and then pre charging with cal mag and mild mild nutes.

That said, I think, like others, the plants are hungry. Start nutes is great advice. @tanlover442


Thank you all! I start the nuts as you guys suggested. I have my fingers cross. :sweat:

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Looks hungry.