Help design my grow room

The space will be used for drying also. By law, I have to keep everything confined to the grow room.

I put in the exhaust through the roof.

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Do you have a construction budget?

Don’t really have a budget. I will spend within reason. I do the construction myself.

I’d just cut a hole straight through the drywall. Set duct how you want it. Use some expanding foam or something to seal it. Don’t hit any studs.

You can have 12 vegetative plants of any size, or did you mean they need to be shorter than 14”?

I can have 12 flowering plants, 12 vegatative that are OVER 14 inches, and 12 clones or seedlings. Following Missouri law. I’m a patient caregiver for two patients.


Cool. I’ll put together a plan based on what I’d do to meet my own needs, but I’m happy to think about how I’d meet your needs instead, if you describe your goals.

I envy your position. Here in my state we cannot grow anything, and you risk losing your house if you do.

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Nice what area of Missouri im in the kc area

This is where I would start, @letitgrow .

I’d be tempted to grow a new cultivar periodically, so there’s room to start them with the mother plants. I’d just eliminate the necessary number of clones from the SOG.

I’m not sure what constitutes a 90-day supply in Missouri, but here that would be 7.5 ounces. I’d stay in strict compliance, so even though a system like this could really rip, I’d go slow and stagger the SOG harvests. I’d aim to harvest 2.5 ounces per month. Again, I wouldn’t want to lose the privilege of growing.