Help deciphering how far into flowering I am - White widow CBD Auto

I’m growing a whole widow CBD auto and am on Day 5 of week 10. Plant is being grown inside under LED 24/0 and I have been using Bio Diesel, Rhino K and Alloevate in the recommended schedule/quantities.

I know that based on the ILGM site, this auto is meant to be ready for harvest at between 10 and 14 weeks, but looking at my calyxes I feel like I’m still a way off. Trichomes are all clear. I’ve never done this before and fee like the buds still need to do some fattening as a lot of late stage flowering photos I see they look a lot dryer/yellower.

I feel as though I’m at least 3 weeks away from harvesting just based on what I read on the internet but who knows! Any advice appreciated.

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That particular shot looks like it will be ready in that time frame. Maybe 2 weeks tops, for that particular bud. Have a couple more bud shots and maybe a full plant shot?


Yep, here you go (And afterr scouring this forum this morning I realise there is a bunch of stuff I could have done to increase yield. next time!)

This is the top cola through a loupe

And the full plant

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it’s been under a light basically its entire life but the last couple of days I’ve been giving it an hour or two of sunlight a day (Southern hemisphere, so summer here)


@Genderexpert welcomed to the community and happy new year

Nice job, if you thricomes are clear you should wait until how you like you get hit by the cbd of you plant, I like to cut my went is 70% milky and 30% amber, I never do cbd but thricomes mature is the same on all plants

Next grow try LST on you plants go to help you on more yields


The hardest thing about being a first timer is that there is so much conflicting stuff on the internet.

If I’m about 2-3 weeks out, I am thinking of finishing off my nutrient-laden waters in the next few days and following it with 2 weeks of flush.

Is it worth changing the light schedule in this last few weeks? I’ve also read that it’s worth putting the plant in complete darkness for 48h before harvest. Is there any truth to that for an auto?


Yes and not because that is for raise you thricomes but all is about you genetics

I don’t recommended to change the light scheduled you good until harverts

Flush you plant 10 days before you harverts you plants so you should had one week to feed her

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Best thing to do is find someone you feel good about and follow their advice.

I am not one who believes in flush period before harvest, just try and grow 'em healthy and chop.

At this late stage it won’t make a lot of diff but during the grow I believe the plant benefits from some darkness/rest.

Same diff (or not) whether auto or photo.

Be careful doing that, you can bring a pest in with the plant.


What side of pots you used?

I used 2 gl and that’s how my plants look just with LST training


It’s 14 litres

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@Genderexpert with that pots you should had like 7 ft tall plants but genetic had something to do to

A flew more of specific buds. They get smaller as you go down the plant.

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Yeah, it’s an auto off ILGM and stated height is 2-3ft. It’s about 2 1/2 feet tall

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@Genderexpert wow I never had that small plants from ilgm

What soil you used? I ask just cuz I’m in hpff and went I started it was on 5gl fibert pots and it was 5 ft tall that’s why I move to 2 gl pots homemaker

My first harverts was 39g just cuz I had spider mites
My second harverts just with LST was 4 oz
Like this

Sour diesel auto strain from ilgm from buy 10 get 10 that was my first order now I had 4 more strains but I’m wait until my two autos get mature

Yeah that looks amazing - this is my first grow and I’m guessing there is plenty I could have done better. At this point I’d just like to maximise what I have and harvest at the right time

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Don’t worry we all started learning and patients is the key for harverts that plant just look went you thricomes are 70% cloudy and 30% amber

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Not many changes in the plant since my last post. Trichomes are all still clear but all of the stigmas have turned amber. The buds don’t seem to have grown much in this time. Is this normal?