Help convert gym lockers into growbox

Ok so I went to do some work for a buddy of mine and we were taking old lockers out of a ufc fit gym and putting new ones In. The old lockers were in good condition and just got destroyed and trashed so I got 4 of them and I got 2 that are two doored(top and bottom separate) and 2 that have one door (no shelf’s).
I made one of the top parts of one and painted the inside white and got a grow light from Walmart just one of the cheap like 9$ bulbs and and temp and rh gauge and a timer for the light.
I’ll post pictures tomoro
Got 3 plants growing in it 7 weeks old just so try the box out and they are doing good just time to transplant like tomoro.
I am really wanting to set up the lockers to be for an autoflowering set up that can be growing and producing year round bud.
Advice and opinions would be much appreciated I’m new to growing but have always loved everything about marijuana and have studied and took notes on growing just having trouble on applying things to the set up I have in mind and I’m a newb when it comes to growing. Plus this autoflower stuff is very new to me and has got my attention so I have decided to join the club instead of just spectating thanks guys really looking forward to this adventure to come to reality

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I would expect that a locker is too small, even for an auto. You really need a compartment that is at least 2 feet by 2 feet at an absolute minimum.

You’re not going to be able to grow cannabis with a $9 bulb. You will get a tall, skinny plant with inadequate flowers.


Ya I’m seeing that on two of the 3 but there is 1 that is actually looking pretty healthy but thanks man I’m gonna put pictures tomoro

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It’s actually right at 2ft wide and like 3ft tall on the two doored ones

What’s up guys how was yals day?
Anyways I have done some tendon to the set up and all three are transplanted and I separated them I have pretty much decided my favorite and only female out the three I have named her “Lucky Linda” and boy she is looking great I meant to take more pictures before I finished up with the setup.
Here is the grow notes from this evening :
L23 - 8/2/21 - Transplant date: 8/1/21 - Germination : 6/15/21
Transplant on Linda has been successful"
So I cut the first set on embryonic leaves, they were getting yellow and shriveled up so I did away with em.
7 sets of leaves, 8th set is comin up, 7 weeks from seed
Stem is strong and thick and the sex should be showing soon can see growth where the leaves come off the stem
I am still using the bulb but it’s right above the plant and it really seems to be okay with it I will continue to look for anything showing bad results.
Linda is 5" Tall, 6 1/2" Wide
I feed Nutes when I transplanted.
Nutes used :

  • Super Thrive~ mixed in a 1 gallon jug as instructions on the box said then cut that In half for feeding
  • Jobes organic all-purpose granular plant food{4-4-4}
    Soil plants transferred to: miracle-Gro performance organic container mix{.19-.03-.03}
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These are what I have of Linda

You’re locker is bigger than I thought it might be. Yeah, that should be okay for 1 plant.

Keep an eye on her. Miracle Grow and cannabis don’t always get along. The biggest issues we see with MG are nute burn and pH issues. MG has time release nutrients that nuke your plant with nutes and submarine your pH every time you water.


Nice ive seen a guy take a big ass stand up freezer and make it a grow box with co2 because it was totally sealed. I dont talk to the guy anymore havnt in 4 years but man that was a sweet getup for sure. I kinda dig all the ways of making a box and noone knows its that unless u tell or show. @ConcreteBudz got a curio cabinet or something hooked up similar like this. Ur def gonna want to invest in a way better light tho lol. Not off amazon but check into spider farmer light or mars hydro light. If money is no issue and u can drop 200 on a light get a hlg 135rspec and that should flower that box out nicely for u

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This could be a really cool project, and turned into a pretty kickass grow space if you want. It probably wouldn’t be cheap as in $9 bulb cheap if you want to have a serious grow space. But a creative mind and a little cash can go a long way.

Also not a requirement to use autos for perpetual grow. You have multiple cabinets that are the same as pictured?